72 iu HUMATROPE kit. Original packaging


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72 iu HUMATROPE kit. Original packaging

Original factory sealed Lilly Humatrope 72 iu kit. Comes with water cartridge pen and everything needed to mix into solution. These are direct from Lilly factory and come factory sealed.

These are extremely potent. As a rule of thumb you can use 1 iu of the Humatrope for every 2-3iu of the other brands of HGH. Many users who have been on higher doses of the other High cant handle more then 3-4 iu of this HGH before they experience side effects that prevent higher dosing.

Read more on mixing here: https://depotorder.co/blog/posts/how-to-mix-the-humatrope-72-iu
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  • Product Name: 72 iu HUMATROPE kit. Original packaging
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