Nuptropin 120 iu HGH kit AUTHENTIC


Nuptropin 120 iu HGH kit AUTHENTIC

REGULARLY $450, sale price is $395!!

Authentic Nuptropin HGH kit is 120 IU. Each authentic kit includes 10 vials with 12 iu in each vial. This HGH kit is authentic and has Anti-counterfitting scratch off sticker on it. You scratch off the silver part to reveal the #, then enter the # on this site to authenticate.


There is NO water included in these kits. You can use any sterile water or bacteriostatic water to reconstitute.

This HGH brand was tested several times before we decided to list it on the site. The initial tests were getting 30ng/mL consistently, this is very good!

Nuptropin is an established brand with a great reputation. The Nuptropin kits come in original packaging with anti counterfeiting stickers. More info can be found on their website:

  • Product Name: Nuptropin 120 iu HGH kit AUTHENTIC
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