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Test Suspension 50mg 10 amps per box


Test Suspension 50mg 10 amps per box

Andro Medica Test-AQ 50. These are sold as a box of 10 amps. Testosterone suspension 50mg/amp in water. The Androp Medicia brand is top shelf. If offers anti counterfeiting codes on the boxes/seals to ensure what your buying is legit and safe. You can see their website here with more info on this product.
Testosterone suspension has no ester, meaning it will release into the blood stream extremely fast offering elevated testosterone levels for the better part of a day or 2. It requires daily shots for sustaining elevated Test levels if this is the only testosterone product your using. I generally recommend anyone using this product to take a shot of sustenon every 3-4 days, and a shot of Test suspension about 2 hrs before training on days your working out. This way the blood levels are elevated and stable from the sustenon but you get an added boost of Testosterone in your system on the days your training.
If your trying to evade a performance enhancement drug test most athletes will use suspension as it will clear your system quickly.

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