TUTORIAL - Bitcoin: A tutorial on how to stay safe purchasing and spending Bitcoins

20 September 2017 Greg Smith
  • TUTORIAL - Bitcoin: A tutorial on how to stay safe purchasing and spending Bitcoins

    This is the easiest and cheapest way to purchase bitcoins. This is what we recommend anyone who is new to BTC to use. 

    How to Purchase and Spend Bitcoins Anonymously.

    Bitcoin (BTC) can be completely overwhelming when starting out. Most of that is due to the unnecessary, technical information, which most people don’t need to know, so for this tutorial we’re just going to show you how to purchase and spend BTC anonymously.

    What you need:

    • A computer

    • An Email Address (Create an address to use only for BTC)

    • Tor Browser or VPN (Not Necessary – Just extra precaution)

    CASH MONEY – (Entirely Necessary)

    1) Sign Up For LocalBitcoins.com

    Click on the Sign Up Button and on the following screen you’ll enter your Information and your newly created email address, as shown below. Fill out the Captcha Form and click REGISTER.

    2) Check your email for the Authentication Link and Activate your account. Close out of Localbitcoins.com and re-open. Make sure your Username and Password work, and Login. The hard part is now done!

    3a) You should be at the HomeScreen now. “I want to buy bitcoins,” should be selected and on the Payment Method box, select Cash Deposit. Then click SEARCH.

    3b) Now we’re going to find out how much we need to buy in BTC to cover our DVD Costs. General rule of thumb is buy what you need plus $20 in case BTC value fluctuates while we’re shopping. Typically doesn’t happen and we’re not really concerned with the value of BTC since we’re not investing in it. We’re using it as a means of currency exchange. Google, “BTC Price” and click search. 

    As you can see below I need $300 to cover my DVD’s and shipping, which comes out to be 0.76 Bitcoins. This is the number we’re concerned with. Remember that number and move on to the next step…

    4) Here is where we will choose our Seller. Just find someone that accepts deposits from a Bank near you – Bank of America, Arvest, Chase, etc. The seller should also have a 100% Feedback Rating and offer to do transactions for the amount of USD you’re going to send. Once you find one that seems good, click BUY.

    5) Here is where you’ll initiate your trade for USD to BTC. Input the Number of BTC you want to buy and it will give you the USD amount you need to send. Click “Send Trade Request” and proceed.

    6) Once the trade request has been initiated you will see the directions on the right side on how to proceed. Just follow the directions. This seller has stated requested you use your genuine IP (No TOR or VPN) which is OK since we have no identifiable information about ourselves and it’s NOT illegal to purchase Bitcoins. *Not all sellers require you to use your genuine IP, but if you feel uneasy about it, just look around. There are tons who don’t.

    After you’ve done what the seller requested: 1) Deposit Money in their Account, Upload Pic of Deposit Receipt, and received confirmation from Seller on transaction, we’re ready to spend our newfound Bitcoins!

    7) As in the pic above, click on your Profile Icon and click Wallet (it will have BTC in there hopefully).

    Here you will enter the Receiving Wallet Address (you will receive this from your DVD seller), the amount in USD you want to send, a description your seller requests (if they want to know who it’s from), and your password. Once that’s done, click “Send from Wallet”. 

    Congratulations! You have now paid for your DVD’s and you should get a confirmation and tracking number to let you know when to expect your Sex in the City – The Full Collection DVD Set.

Payment options, issues and Bitcoin.

19 June 2017 Greg Smith
  • Payment Options. 

    As time goes on, we are finding it harder and harder to work with W/U and Money Gram and Walmart 2 Walmart. They all serve their purpose well, but as many of our customers know, they are very temperamental and can reject payments for any reason. We are requiring everyone to make their payments in person now. I know paying online is much easier and faster, but we are seeing many (almost all) of the online payments being flagged now. This is something new, and I understand that many of you have been able to send online payments with ease in the past, but please understand we are seeing many flagged payments and the one thing they all have in common is they are sent online. Getting an online payment refunded I s royal pain in the ass as many of you know. PLEASE GO INTO THE STORE TO SEND YOUR MG AND W/U PAYMENTS it will save you time in the long run. 

    Bitcoin. I would advice everyone to get familiar  with bitcoin. In the future I see us only accepting this type of payment method ( and many others in our line of work) as it is secure, much faster and much easier for us to process. I understand the Bitcoin value/rate can fluctuate often, but even considering that its a great system and will be the way of the future. I would advice everyone to get confirmable with it and understand the basics of it so when that time does come, your able to jump over and use it with relative ease. We have some articles here on the site about bitcoin and how to use it. It does require a little extra work up front to set it up, but once you know the system it works so well. 

    If you have any questions about this please feel free to let us know. We are happy to help where we can, thanks!


New W/U, MG, and w2w payment guidelines and instructions. PLEASE READ!

02 May 2017 Greg Smith
  • New W/U, MG, and w2w payment guidelines and instructions. PLEASE READ!

    We are no longer allowing online payments for Western Union, Money Gram, or Walmart 2 Walmart. Here is the reason why. 

    There has been a huge increase in the amount of online fraud that has been going through these money transfer services. Crooks are stealing a credit card, then using it to send themselves money. This is causing over 50% of the online payments done through w/u, MG, and w2w to get flagged and kicked back. This just started about 3-4 months ago and we have noticed it more and more the last month. We are not going to take any online payments anymore because of this. Its delaying orders and causing us to spend way to much time trouble shooting bad payments. Anyone that has had this happen to them knows what I am talking about. They will assure us the payment is good, we will try to collect and get rejected. We’ll try again after the customer has been on the phone with them for an hour, and again we will be denied to collection. It is cheaper to go into the location to send the payment, so please be willing to do this. Below us some helpful info for those who have been concerned about the questions w/u, mg, and w2w are asking them at the counter when they are sending money, please read and this process will go so much better for you! 

    If the clerk begins to question you about why your sending money to this person and how you know them? Please understand they are only trying to protect you and keep your money safe. They don’t know what you plan to buy or anything about you. You would be surprised how many guys we get that email us back after trying to send a payment and tell me something like this “ bro, I went to send the payment just like you said and the clerk was asking me all off these questions about who I was sending money to and why I was sending it? I think she knew for sure I was ordering steroids online bro, I think they are onto us!” … I am dead serious, we get that often! … If they are asking you questions is is to protect you and protect your money. There are so many scammers out there now that are tricking old grandmas and gullible people into sending them money because they are a long lost relative in need, or they won a prize etc etc. There’s a lot of Con artists out there now a days and the clerk is simply doing their job making sure you know the person your sending money to. If they ask you these questions just smile at them and say

    • Your sending the money to a old college friend for a birthday gift. 
    • Your good buddy is a little short so your sending him some cash too cover the bills. 

    If the payment is being sent international then you can say:

    • Your sending money to a forge in exchange student that used olive with you to help them with school/bills. 
    • Your business partner lives in XYZ country and your sending money for another order. 

    If your kind and you don’t pee your pants it will go smooth and you will be able to send the money just fine. Remember, they are trying to protect you, not trying to bust you for ordering juice online! Lol! Just be relaxed and have the information handy on your phone or printed on a  piece of paper and the transaction will go smooth. 

    If you have any questions about this please do let us know, we are happy to help. 



How to create a bitcoin wallet

12 December 2016 Greg Smith
  • How to create a bitcoin wallet

    How do I get an account?

    The easiest way to create an account, or wallet. Here is the company  we recommend as they are very easy to set up.


    To create an act go to the address listed, then at the top left there is  a green button that says ‘Create a free blockchain wallet’. Click that  and go through the progressions to create the wallet. It should only  take a few minutes. Once you are done, it should open to a page that  will have your wallet address listed on it.

    It should say: ‘This is your Bitcoin address’ with a long series of  letters being it, looking something like this:


    You must remember all of this info, as if you lose it there is no way to  get back in here. So save the PW and userID somewhere safe!

    Next you will want to buy some bitcoins to put in your wallet. Now,  there are many ways to buy or obtain bitcoins. There are many exchanges where people are offering to sell BTC. When they are selling  the BTC ( bitcoins) they will sometimes charge a fee depending on how  you pay for them. Most exchanges have some type of escrow system they  use so you or the seller is not ripped off. On many exchanges you will  find a seller of bitcoins and see what payment methods they accept. Most  will take Paypal, some will take a bank deposit ( you will deposit $ in  their bank acct), others will meet in person to exchange cash, and may  other ways. 

    Here is a website with many different exchanges you can buy BTC on


    I like to use Local bitcoins, but theres many on there that work well.


    There is another service called ‘wall of coins’ that allows you to create an acct and deposit some cash into someones bank act, and then have bitcoin transferred into your bitcoin wallet. The process is explained in this article here: 


Bitcoin 'Wall of coins'

12 December 2016 Greg Smith
  • Bitcoin 'Wall of coins'


    This service is great as it simplifies the transaction and still keeps you anonymous and it does not charge an absurd fee. Go to the link, and  select Buy coins.

    First it will find your location ( it needs this as it is going to give  you list of banks near you to deposit $ to buy the BTC )

    Next it will ask for your BTC address, remember this is the long address  with weird #s ( looks like this “1Gm4pN9FBtgtaftVJdVVyelBswaMztTZui”)

    Enter that # in and click next-

    Then its going to ask how much money in bitcoins you want to buy? You can enter in the usd amount and it will convert for you. I would recommend buying  like $5 to $10 more in btc then the total the order amount, just as a  buffer. So lets say the order is for $475, then you will want to buy  $480 worth of BTC. so enter in $480 and click next.

    Next it will show a list of banks near you to deposit the $ in. You will  select one of the banks. Please note that each bank will have a different rate they offer to exchange the $ for you. if you look at the 3-4 banks listed there, you can choose them based on convince for you, or the conversion rate. They are all pretty close, but if you loot at the exact rater they will convert at, you can see that there will be one that will give you the best deal essentially.  Click  the green order button next to the one you want to use and it will go tot he next page-

    Once you click on “ORDER” corresponding the bank you opt for, it will take you to a verification page that has a spot for a PURCHASE CODE.  Wall of coins will text the code to your phone, that is why you must give a legitimate phone number!  Once you receive the code, you need to enter it immediately!  If you wait too long, it will not accept it, and you will have to go through the steps again. ( please note, it is simply doing this to verify your a real person and not some bot)

    Once you enter the purchase code, it will bring up a page that lists all the info you will need to make the cash deposit to the account.  It will show the following info”






    The deposit due is the time frame you MUST make the deposit in!  This is approximately a 120 minute window.  Until you make it, you will receive text messages sent to your phone showing the minutes left to complete the deposit. After you make the deposit, make sure you reply back to Wall of Coins system’s text message with the proper code to flag your deposit as finished. This will expedite the process. Once you do that, Wall of Coins will wait for the seller to confirm that they received your cash deposit. Sellers are graded on their response time, and they prioritize showing you the sellers who respond the quickest. There are many factors involved, but to say it simply, the typical time you will receive your Bitcoin is within 5-15 minutes after the seller verifies the deposit.

    Once the seller has confirmed they have received your deposit, Wall of Coins will then send you a text and/or email saying, “Your order of XX USD for XXXXXX.XX bits is complete!  You will be able to spend this from your wallet shortly”.  You should be able to go to Blockchain.com, log on, and see your most recent activity, and the balance in your Biticoin wallet.

    Once you see the coins have been loaded in there, you can simply make the payment to us using the code below and selecting the amount to send us. we will receive the payment within 5 to 15 min.

Ordering Intl. or domestic?

15 November 2016 Greg Smith
  • Ordering Intl. or domestic?

    HGH and steroid sources are broken down into 2 main categories. International and domestic. For those living in the USA, this means you can either order your gear from a source that is In another country and have it sent through USA customs, or you can order from a source that is domestic( in the country) and your gear will be sent to you within the country, thus avoiding customs.There are pro’s and cons to each. You will pay less for your gear when ordering it intl., but you have to take the risk of the package getting seized or much worse. Ordering from within the US will be more expensive, and there are not as many sources, but you have the added protection of knowing your package will not be inspected by customs and will arrive to your home ( or P.O. Box) safe. Here are some things to consider before you make this choice.

    Where do you live within the US? If you’re living in the midwest or west coast, chances are your package will come through west coast customs. Packs sent through west coast customs are scrutinized much more then packs sent through the east coast. Anyone with a postal code that starts with anything higher then a 3 is at risk of having that pack sent through the west coast customs. JFK and other east coast customs inspection points have a much higher volume of package coming through them and thus get less scrutiny. West coast has much less volume and almost every pack will be screened.

    Do you have a safe address to have the package sent to? It’s not wise to have an intl. pack sent to your home address. If your packs is seized they will put your home address on file and anything going there in the future will be inspected. In reality there are really no ‘safe addresses’ to use to have intl contraband sent to you. Some believe you can simply use another name, or a fake name( with your real address) and that will protect them from being prosecuted if they are busted. This is a naive way of thought and it’s not going to do any good. Especially if you are muscular, or into fitness they will know the package is for you.

    Customs will run a periodic blitz and stop every pack that is coming through! It does not matter how large or small it is, they will stop it and inspect the pack/s. If you’re lucky you will simply have your order seized, and you will receive a ‘seizure letter’ in the mail asking you to produce some kind of documentation proving that you are legally able to import these medications. If you are not able to produce the documentation then they will keep the package and you will be placed on their list. If you’re not lucky they will proceed with what is called a ‘controlled delivery’. Your Package and tracking # will work as normal and your pack will end up at your door like normal, but moments later you will have the door kicked in and the feds will be crawling all over your house, you’ll be on the ground in handcuffs and your life will never be the same!

    Despite what some others may say, importing gear is not an easy process. All domestic sources have to import their products in one form or another. Some will import the powders and them manufacture them in the US. Others will import them from intl sources, and then sell them domestic. They will charge more as they have taken all of the risk out of the process for you, but you’re able to rest assured from a legal standpoint that you’re much safer obtaining the product through a domestic supplier.

    Are all domestic suppliers safe? This is a good question and not very easy to explain. I would recommend buying from a domestic source that is long established . Many domestic sources will pop up and be gone the next year ( or the next month). These are smaller operations being run by amateurs and while the products may seem cheaper the old adage here is very true “ you get what you pay for” . These are just a few things to take into consideration when you’re contemplating ordering from an international or domestic source. Please remember to be safe and make an informed decision. 


15 June 2016 Greg Smith
  • Bitcoin

    What is Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin is a new payment option that gives people more power and control over their finances. Bitcoin is a digital asset and a payment system. It is extremely inexpensive to send or accept transactions, and the currency’s anonymous nature eliminates the risk of identity theft, fraud, or ‘paper trails.’ 

    Simply put, Bitcoin has all the advantages of paying with an online interface like PayPal, but has the advantage of being able to anonymously send “money” anywhere, within minutes. The system is peer-to-peer and transactions take place between users directly. These transactions are verified by thousands to millions of network nodes, which receive a very small payment (usually a fraction of a cent) in exchange for facilitating the transaction.

    Since the system works without a central repository or single administrator, the U.S. Treasury categorizes Bitcoin as a decentralized virtual currency. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, and is the first decentralized digital currency. While there are many other cryptocurrencies out there, Bitcoin is the largest of its kind in terms of total market value.

    How do I get an account?

    The easiest way to create an account, or a “wallet” is by using Local Bit Coin (LBC) – https://localbitcoins.com/ 

    Creating an account on LBC will allow you to use their site to Buy, Sell, and Send Bitcoins with ease. On the top right you will see your balance, by clicking the balance it will show you your “Receive” address, which will look something like this – “1Gm4pN9FBtgtaftVJdVVyelBswaMztTZui” and give you the ability to “Send Bitcoins.”

    How do I load money into my wallet?

    There are many ways to get Bitcoins into your wallet, but we recommend sticking with https://localbitcoins.com/buy_bitcoins to purchase Bitcoins as they offer many ways to purchase Bitcoins, and have never let any of our customers down.

    Sellers have feedback ratings, and all provide different exchange rates. Some options on LBC are Cash Deposit, Money Gram, Gift Cards, Western Union, PayPal, and others, including cash in person.  Keep in mind, purchasing Bitcoins is not illegal at all (except in New York, where it is illegal to SELL BitCoins without a business license in NY to people that live in NY, although this is a hard law to enforce due to the anonymous nature of Bitcoin). Bitcoin has become so popular that many mainstream websites accept Bitcoin as a payment option. Many customers have found that meeting in person is the best way to stay anonymous during a Bitcoin Transaction, but there is nothing wrong with using any of the other methods offered on LBC, PayPal being one of the easiest.

    http://preev.com/ is a great site to find out what Bitcoins are currently going for. Preev acts as a public informational page displaying the current exchange rate from US currency to Bitcoin. Keep this site in mind when purchasing Bitcoins from various sellers as some sellers offer much better deals than other sellers do, just like money exchangers do in other countries. 

    Remember – you do not have to buy/send whole Bitcoins a coin at a time; you can buy almost any fraction of a Bitcoin that you want, and send almost any fraction as well.  For example, you can send 0.0004277 Bitcoin, which equates to about 25 cents, or 4.276 Bitcoin, which equals about $2500 US.

    Once you have your “Receive Address” generated, you can give that to someone that you wish to purchase Bitcoins from.  Many people use a new Receive Address for each transaction to add another layer of anonymity. It all goes into your main wallet on LBC, so we highly suggest this practice. 

    After purchasing the Bitcoins, LBC will act as escrow or a middle man and will wait until there are a few confirmations of the transaction, so the coins will not show instantly – we have seen some transactions take up to an hour to show in our wallet! If doing the transaction in person, do not let the person leave until you confirm that the Bitcoins are in your LBC wallet.

    Once you have completed the transaction, the Bitcoins will be in your LBC wallet, where you can then use them to make purchases by “Sending” Bitcoins. 

    Unlike PayPal, there isn’t a claims or refund process with Bitcoin, once the Bitcoins are sent, they are gone, so be sure to keep your log in credentials very secure. Scamming people out of their Bitcoins is big business as there is no recourse. Never give out your login info, and never send Bitcoins to anyone that you are not 100% sure is the correct recipient. 

    How do I use Bitcoins to pay Gear Depot?

    When you place an order with us, tell us that you want to pay via Bitcoin. We will provide you with a unique “Receive Address” and the amount of Bitcoins you should send, along with a timeframe that the Bitcoins must be sent in via the email you provided when placing your order.  It is very important to send the Bitcoins within the allotted time or your order may be automatically be cancelled. 

    The reason for needing to send the Bitcoins within a certain time frame is that the exchange rate can fluctuate quite a bit, even hour to hour – just like the stock market. For example, if someone placed an order for $580 worth of products, and the exchange rate is $580 per Bitcoin at the time of the order, we would request 1 Bitcoin, but if the person takes too long to send the payment, the rate could change drastically making that single Bitcoin worth far more, or far less than the $580 dollars they are trying to send us, shorting us or the buyer.

    If using a LBC account, click on your balance at the top right of the page. On the left of that page you will see “Send bitcoins” and below that it will give you your current wallet balance, “Your LocalBitcoins wallet balance: ___.______ BTC.” You will then see fields labeled “Receiving bitcoin address,” “Amount in bitcoins,” and “Your password.” 

    After hitting “Send from wallet” the transaction process will begin. You will see a message at the top of the screen reading “Success. Bitcoins sent successfully to address __________________________________.” Since it typically takes a few minutes for the Bitcoins to show in our wallet, you should email us as soon as you have sent the Bitcoins so we can expedite your order.

    If you have any other questions please go to https://depot-order.com/contact and send us a message. We strive to reply to all emails and orders within 24 hrs. If you don’t see a reply in that time, please check your spam box. Thank you!

$300 min order

09 July 2015 Greg Smith
  • The website will not let you process your order if it does not come to $300 before the shipping charges are added. We are asked why we have a minimum order amount? This is a valid question so I will answer it here. The main reason is the receivers we use to collect the funds will not collect anything less then $300. In addition to this, we have to make it worth the time to pack and process the order. In the past we had no minimum order and we ended up spending all of our time packing and sending off orders for one product, which took a lot of time, but also significantly bogged down our shipping method thus making it much less secure for us and the customer. We ask that you understand the reason we have the $300 min order amount in place is for the greater good of everyone here. it allows us all to stay safe and get these orders processed quickly and safely. Thank you! 


20 January 2015 Greg Smith
  • Shipping

    We use discrete methods to ship our products. We ask that you don’t inquire to much about how we do this as there is some sensitive information that we have to protect. Here is what we can tell you. We ship everything from within the USA. Nothing goes thru customs so you don’t have to worry about getting your pack seized. 

    We have a 1 week t/a after you have paid for your order. 

    We don’t supply tracking #‘s, unless the order is late or there is some issues. The reason for this is simply security. 

    We ship in discrete small packages that will fit in most mail boxes. If you don’t see your order all in one pack then please relax chances are there is another pack that is going to be delved the next day with the rest of the order in it. 

    We ship thru the post service. We are not able to overnight or expedite orders for any reason so please don’t ask. 

    If you get a note on your door to collect your package at the post office chances are they could not fit it in your box, or there was some other issues. We have never  had a controlled delivery on any of our packages so please don’t stress if you see one of these “sorry we missed you” notes form he post office asking for you to come pick it up at the nearest post office. Just go in and collect it. 

    We ship orders from several parts of the country.

    We ship orders 5-6 days a week. 

    remember, the post service observes all of the national bank holidays, so if your pack is delayed please be understanding of this fact. 

    thank you! if you have any other questions regarding shipping issues, please feel free to ask. 



Payment Methods we accept

17 January 2015 Greg Smith
  • Payment Methods we accept

    We accept several different payment methods. Western Union, Money gram, Walmart 2 Walmart & now Bitcoin

    Most customers like to use western union, but we have issues with them from time to time, so if we ask you to use another payment option above, please understand we are doing it in your and our best interest to assure we don’t have any issues. Here is a link that will show you how to send a western union payment-

    Money Gram payments are accepted. If you want to use this method please simply let us know and we can send you a Money gram receiver. See the link below for sending a Money Gram payment

    Walmart 2 Walmart is a great payment option. Its easy and pretty cheap to send anything less then $900. If you have never tried this method I would recommend using it if you have a Walmart near you. This video explains a little about the new service 

    Bitcoin is a new payment option we have just begun using. If your familiar with this method then you know its very easy to send and receive money using it. We can verify payments quickly and get your order sent much faster using this service. 

    If you have any questions about payments please feel free to email us and inquire. Thanks


13 January 2015 Greg Smith
  • Freebies!!!

    We still offer freebies for orders over $500, $700 & $850

    Orders over $500 get to select one freebie 

    Orders over $700 can select 2 freebies

    Orders over $850 can select 3 freebies. 

    Q: How do I put freebies in my shopping cart? 

    A: When you have selected the dollar amount ($500, $700, or $850) the site will allow you to select the appropriate amount of freebies from the freebies section. 

    Q: Why do the freebies say they cost $1? 

    A: We charge a buck for each freebie. Our system requires us to charge a price for each product we list on it, so we simply put these up for a buck each. 

    To see the freebies please go to the FREEBIES PRODUCT SECTION  on the site