$300 min order

09 July 2015 Greg Smith
  • The website will not let you process your order if it does not come to $300 before the shipping charges are added. We are asked why we have a minimum order amount? This is a valid question so I will answer it here. The main reason is the receivers we use to collect the funds will not collect anything less then $300. In addition to this, we have to make it worth the time to pack and process the order. In the past we had no minimum order and we ended up spending all of our time packing and sending off orders for one product, which took a lot of time, but also significantly bogged down our shipping method thus making it much less secure for us and the customer. We ask that you understand the reason we have the $300 min order amount in place is for the greater good of everyone here. it allows us all to stay safe and get these orders processed quickly and safely. Thank you!