Bitcoin 'Wall of coins'

12 December 2016 Greg Smith
  • Bitcoin 'Wall of coins'

    This service is great as it simplifies the transaction and still keeps you anonymous and it does not charge an absurd fee. Go to the link, and  select Buy coins.

    First it will find your location ( it needs this as it is going to give  you list of banks near you to deposit $ to buy the BTC )

    Next it will ask for your BTC address, remember this is the long address  with weird #s ( looks like this “1Gm4pN9FBtgtaftVJdVVyelBswaMztTZui”)

    Enter that # in and click next-

    Then its going to ask how much money in bitcoins you want to buy? You can enter in the usd amount and it will convert for you. I would recommend buying  like $5 to $10 more in btc then the total the order amount, just as a  buffer. So lets say the order is for $475, then you will want to buy  $480 worth of BTC. so enter in $480 and click next.

    Next it will show a list of banks near you to deposit the $ in. You will  select one of the banks. Please note that each bank will have a different rate they offer to exchange the $ for you. if you look at the 3-4 banks listed there, you can choose them based on convince for you, or the conversion rate. They are all pretty close, but if you loot at the exact rater they will convert at, you can see that there will be one that will give you the best deal essentially.  Click  the green order button next to the one you want to use and it will go tot he next page-

    Once you click on “ORDER” corresponding the bank you opt for, it will take you to a verification page that has a spot for a PURCHASE CODE.  Wall of coins will text the code to your phone, that is why you must give a legitimate phone number!  Once you receive the code, you need to enter it immediately!  If you wait too long, it will not accept it, and you will have to go through the steps again. ( please note, it is simply doing this to verify your a real person and not some bot)

    Once you enter the purchase code, it will bring up a page that lists all the info you will need to make the cash deposit to the account.  It will show the following info”






    The deposit due is the time frame you MUST make the deposit in!  This is approximately a 120 minute window.  Until you make it, you will receive text messages sent to your phone showing the minutes left to complete the deposit. After you make the deposit, make sure you reply back to Wall of Coins system’s text message with the proper code to flag your deposit as finished. This will expedite the process. Once you do that, Wall of Coins will wait for the seller to confirm that they received your cash deposit. Sellers are graded on their response time, and they prioritize showing you the sellers who respond the quickest. There are many factors involved, but to say it simply, the typical time you will receive your Bitcoin is within 5-15 minutes after the seller verifies the deposit.

    Once the seller has confirmed they have received your deposit, Wall of Coins will then send you a text and/or email saying, “Your order of XX USD for XXXXXX.XX bits is complete!  You will be able to spend this from your wallet shortly”.  You should be able to go to, log on, and see your most recent activity, and the balance in your Biticoin wallet.

    Once you see the coins have been loaded in there, you can simply make the payment to us using the code below and selecting the amount to send us. we will receive the payment within 5 to 15 min.