Customer Feedback from April & May

03 June 2016 Greg Smith
  • Thank you for the great service. I was referred to you guys from a buddy and now I plan to only use your source going forward. Safety is always my main concern and I appreciate your helpful tips in doing so. I’ve used several online sources and had good luck with some and mediocre results out of others. I think your pricing and shipping costs are pretty much right on point.




    G, I just want to say thanks for taking care of me over the years ! I really do appreciate it too ! I feel kinda stupid telling you this, but I’m not sure what bodybuilding/steriod forums are ? I just got a smart phone a week ago and one of the reasons I got it was to be able to get back with you quicker on the orders I screw up ordering gear from you. Please dont think I’m out there or a total loser. I started lifting weights early in high school to get chics, but I ended up falling in love with bodybuilding and building the body, making your body look and fell great. I have competed over the years since I was a teenager. Won some shows over the years placed on national level. Seen a lot of people come and go like you said, thats why it was a blessing for me to run across you years ago. You have been faithful and loyal to me and I thank the good LORD for you ! I do hope you keep up the good fight for us hard working guy’s who cant afford buying junk or having our money taken like I have over the years by other suppliers or who I though I could trust. I know this is long but I have to tell you how I found you. I train at the same gym for years and i saw these two guys come in one day. One of the guys was big, ugly, and mean looking. No one was saying anything to both of the guys. The big one (his name was Phil) he was throwing tons of weight around. example-reps with 495 on the bench. It was impressive, yet no one would talk to him, so one day I said I’m going to talk to this guy and he was one of the nicest guys, we hit it off and he told me about Gear Depot over time. He said this is a good source don’t screw it up, Phil meant be selective to who you give Gear Depot’s web site too. It is a first class site for gear. He was right you are a bunch of professional people !  Thank you for helping the little guy out who works hard every day and trains hard as much as we can. This was to long, sorry !!



    again G


    J.V.  4/14/16


     I just wanted to say that I’m a happy cust of Gear Depot . I’ve been a customer of G/ D for 2 years now . I’ started using Gear because i’ve gotten screwed many times from online companies calming that they had good anabolic products. most times I didn’t even receive anything. In the rare case that I actually got something it was never real. I’ve ordered from G/D 4 times now . Every time that I order-from them it goes as smooth as it possible can. Most times that I’ve ordered something they responded to me within 24 hrs.. The payment process is very easy too .they walk through the whole process. The G team always keeps me updated with my order . Once they receive the payment,  it’s usually in the same day that they send me a message saying that the order is being process . You never have to sit around for days or weeks without any conversation with them. I’ve gotten my package in as little as 5 days from them . (from me paying to delivery )  For now Ive only ordered Anabolic products from them. Although I’m planning on getting some HGH from them soon . The packaging is so discreet . I have cleaning ladies and dog walkers in my house almost every day so I need to have it sent to me perfect. When I open up the package it’s always wrapped up so it’s almost impossible for something to break during delivery ..The quality of their products is what separates them from other stuff out there. They are definitely at a level where any serious person looking to get maximum results from anabolic’s . In closing I would like to say that I’m definitely a satisfied customer of GD , and I definitely would recommend Gear to anyone who just wants easy free no hassle ordering and who wants top shelf products.  In a way I’m glad that I’ve gotten screwed from the other companies, if I didn’t then I would not have found Gear D …    .                   

    sincerely JA