Dark Tren Light Tren, what does it mean?

13 June 2017 Greg Smith
  • The tren products we carry will differ in color at times. There is a notion that the darker the tren the more potent the gear is. That is not true at all. The color of the tren products has to do with the oxidation of the raw tren hormone. It’s structure causes the color to change when prolonged heat is applied during the ‘brewing’ or manufacturing process. Any of you who used to buy the Fina cattle pellets and separate the glue from them and brew you own finaplix H will know how dark that was. It was due to the prolonged heat that was applied to it to maker it viscous enough to strain the talc and separate the hormone from the binder. Please understand, the color of the tren has nothing to do with it potency. Even in the same batch, the color can change in the tren. Just because the batch # is the same, does not mean the color will be in the tren. Much of the products are brewed in smaller batches, but in each batch there may be 4-5 gallon separate beakers used to manufacturer it, nd even more if its a Blended product  (Rip Blend or Triple Blend) . So  you can end up with different colors in the vials. If you have questions about this please don’t hesitate to email in and ask. I want to make sure everyone understands this process and knows why it will differ in color.