Great Customer Feedback 8/1 - 9/30

02 October 2015 Greg Smith

  • We have been getting some great feedback these last 2 months. Below are some of the reviews we received from our customers. Please feel free to read the reviews. We are proud of them and we welcome feedback from all customers be it good or bad.. thanks!


    I like to start out and say what Gear-Depot has done for me .I’ve
    been using Gear depot for over 4 years .There products by far are the
    best and the
    shipping time is so fast and easy. I can say that not one order I have ever gotten has been shorted or damaged in any way. When I email them directly they get back to me within 24 hours and always answer my questions . I’m a competitive bodybuilder and I need a company like Gear_Depot that can get my products fast and shipped to me quickly. My products I run for my currents shows are Kaballero Labs Anavar, Kaballero Labs Proviron, masteron Prop, Kaballero dbol, Kaballero Winstrol, Rip Blend,Test cypionate and The greytops HGH which are my favorite HGH product. When I receive my package it done very professionally and very discreet. If I would give Gear _Depot an over all rating from products to service, shipping time out of 10 being the best I would give them 9 rating … I will continue to use them in the future and recommend anyone to give them a try you wont be sorry . thanks Gear_Depot!!!!! 

    R.R. Evansville, IN  7/29

    Wanted to give some feedback on my experience with Gear Depot for anyone on the fence whether they should order or not. First off all feedback Is not from a onetime experience, I have ordered many many times from Gear Depot and felt I need to share my total experience! First the
    orders come in a very quick fashion, sent USPS priority mail and
    although Gear Depot says allow for 8 days to receive product they have
    always over delivered on their promise, I have always got my shipment
    with in 5 to 6 days after confirmation. If you are worried about how the product inside the package is delivered because you had previous
    experience with other companies as I have had with pills always coming
    broken or shorted and the vials were broken or different types and
    labels, please do not worry about this issue when ordering from Gear
    Depot! Gear Depot fully wraps all their vials in bubble wrap and
    secures all pills. I always received what I ordered, all the vials where from the manufacture I choose on their website and I always received
    whole pills and each time I ordered I always got more pills than what I ordered, it is Gear Depots way of saying thank you! Seriously name one person on the street, in the gym or other website that gives you more product than what you ordered! Next the response and follow up time
    from Gear Depot is awesome! The initial ordering which is easy on the
    website, I received an email right away that Gear Depot received my
    order and would be processing it. Next you will receive a payment
    information with in a couple hours maybe a day. Gear Depot emails me
    every step of the way making sure their customers know how their order
    is being processed. If you email Gear Depot, their Team gets back to
    you with in a couple of hours making sure to answer any questions you
    may have. This is some of the best customer service I have ever
    received, too bad the my bank, grocery store, and other prominent
    business can not have this high level of communication with their
    customers as Gear Depot does! Now on to the products, Gear Depot offers a lot of products and through different manufactures and I have
    purchased anabolics HGH an HCG all from Gear Depot. I have used
    Kaballero and Saizar for my anabolis including pills and they are top of the line quality. I have personally had my blood work tested every
    month and have had the product tested and it is pharmaceutical grade
    and higher in some of the Kaballero products such as Sustenon 500mg and many others. I have used anabolics for 12 years now after I had
    cancer, originally for TRT replacement through the pharmacist but then
    eventually wanted to build muscle so I got more anabolics through other venues, ie trainners and websites. I saw a huge difference in the
    pharmaceutical script and what I was getting from a guy at the gym and
    other websites. The none script anabolics where always causing redness, soreness, lumps coughing etc. All these issues went away after a guy I workout with told me about Gear Depot. Gear Depot product injects
    smooth, no irritation, no soreness or red lumps and is identical as
    getting a script from my doctor. The pills that I have used, Winstrol,
    Anavar, Dbol, Anadrol 50 have been all of the highest quality and as I
    said earlier the packages are always over filled. I have seen massive
    gains and can always tell when I add an oral onto my cycle, it works! I wrote this letter because of a few reasons. One I have been scammed by other websites before and wasted a lot of hard earned money and some
    pain. Two I am in the medical field and whenever I see a product that
    works and is safe for people that have a passion to be a bodybuilder,
    powerlift, TRT replacement, etc
    I want to make sure people know about it so they are not injecting themselves
    with substance that is fake and can have a horrifying outcome! So feel secure knowing when using Gear Depot’s products you are getting a safe, legit and highest quality product that will not harm you, it will help you achieve your goals. I continue to order from Gear Depot for great products, secure speedy shipping, great customer service and who doesn’t love freebies! I hope this helps anyone wondering if they should order from Gear Depot the answer is YES
    S.C. Pickerington, OH 8/3

    Just want to take a sec to say you guys are awesome. I’ve never gotten
    gear this high quality. I’ve been using y’all for almost 2 years now and I’ve gone from 147lbs on stage at 5% bf, to 162 on stage at 3%!! I know this shit works because when I’m on I feel like an absolute animal. I
    will say that the anavar is my absolute favorite. Unreal fat loss and
    mind blowing endurance. Cutting for the stage has never been easier!!!

    S.S. Dallas, TX 8/4

    My experience here at Gear Depot has been nothing but great . From
    getting my packages in a timely manner , all the way to them taking care of me when I need it. Amy time I email Gear depot , they always respond fast and with a solution , even if the problem is my fault. I have
    gotten everything from them , anabolics (inject and tabs) , post
    (nolvadex, clomid. And HCG, and HGH and everything has always been to
    satisfactory . I have been getting my gear here since 2011 and I have
    never had a problem that couldn’t be fixed to where I am 100% satisfied. I will always be a Gear Depot fan and never go anywhere else .

    R.R. Santa fe, NM 8/6

    I have been working with GearDepot since they started years ago. Never
    needed any other source since. Always on point and professional. Have
    used every product that he has carried from Precision to Ram to
    kaballaro. I have never been disappointed with quality. I have never
    waited longer than a couple hours for an email response and T/A on
    receiving the order is fast. I can honestly say I have no concerns when ordering. Thanks G. 
    D.S. Port St Lucie, FL 8/6

    When I was at the gym one day I saw some of the biggest guys I have ever seen an when I asked them were they got there gear from they told me
    geardepot it’s the only place they trusted so I went to the Web sight an placed my first order for 300 dollars and within one week I had my
    order so the vary next week I placed a 700 dollar order and with in one
    week I had it again from there I have placed 4 more orders over the last 6 months for 500 dollars or more 90% of the time I have my stuff but
    only twice now has it taken a little longer, but all it takes is one
    email and within the next hour I have a tracking number and I am talking with some one who is polite but more importantly treats me like a
    valued customer every time. The quality of gear I am on would rival any
    pharmacy out there I have put 36 lbs on my first cycle 20-25 lbs of
    muscle I have never had a blood test but there is no need to from my
    results, I am on deca 150mg twice a week an 70 mg dball a day with with
    12.5 aromasin a day and 50 mg tamoxifen an test p 50mg twice a week an
    100 mg test e once a week.
    Thanks GD!!!

    J.G. Salem, OR  8/6

    I have been ordering with gear depot for over 4 years now. The quality
    of their products is unbeatable. Everyone who has tried out some of
    their gear is very pleased and they keep coming back to me to order
    more. The service is great, in the past 4 years (over 50 orders) I have
    only had a couple issues with a missing bottle or two and as soon as I
    emailed them it was sent out to me with no questions asked. My package
    always arrives within 7-10 business days :)

    Thank You Gear Depot!!

    A.B. Buffalo, NY  8/29

    Hey man, just got the package. Everything looks great! “Couldn’t have
    had a better experience, I read all the reviews before ordering and they were all spot on. Received the package in under a week and the guys
    kept in touch with me every step of the way. I reached out on the 6th
    day and they responded in under an hour and provided me with a tracking
    number and assured me of delivery date. I have used the Kaballero Labs
    Stanozolol before and had great results. I ordered the Stanozolol again
    as well as Oxandrolone and Nolvadex for pct. All packaged had between
    3-5 extra pills as well ( I would assume for potential pill breakage
    which didn’t happen). Haven’t had a chance to see results but will check back in as soon as I wrap up the cycle! So far these guys have been top notch.” 

    D.C. Austin, TX  9/18