Will steroids show up on my employment drug test?

05 October 2017 Greg Smith
  • Will steroids show up on my employment drug test?

    I get this question often from many of the customers who are new to steroids. The simple and (almost) always correct answer is ‘No’. The only people I have seen tested specifically for steroids are collegiate and professional athletes. You have to understand how much different steroids are as opposed to recreational drugs. On a normal drug test your employer is looking to cover their ass to ensure your not a liability. They will test you for marijuana, coke, Meth (stimulants like adderall can show up here), & Opiates. There are specific tests for each of these, or the 4 in 1 test that most clinics use. Anyone who has been administered a ‘steroid test’ will know there has to be a large amount of urine collected compared to a recreational drug test. The reason for this is 2 parts. First, there are literally hundreds of drugs that need to be tested for, and each one requires a certain amount of urine. Second, they will normally pull an A and a B sample. They will test the A sample, and leave the B sample secured for use of re testing again if the A sample is inconclusive or tests positive to assure/confirm the results. 

    Some don’t understand this fully, but there is not one test for ‘steroids’, meaning they don’t test for one marker. Although the majority of the public still thinks that steroids come in a bottle that says ‘STEROIDS’ across the front of it, this is not the case! They must test for all of the compounds on the USADA list. This means they test for Testosterone Prop, Test Cyp, Test Ent, Nandralone ( deca), Trenbolone Acetate, etc etc. There are literally hundreds of ‘steroids’ that must be tested for plus many other performance enhancing drugs/products like clenbuterol etc. As you can imagine, these tests are very expensive and not many employers could afford to administer them, not to mention I really don’t think many employers care if your juiced or not? 

    Collegiate and Professional athletes are tested for steroids but not all the time and every year/month. I know many high level collegiate athletes who played Division 1 football for 4 years and never had to take a test. I know others who were tested every year. In the NCAA they are supposed to administer these tests at random. 

    Military and Government employment. I have yet to meet anyone in the military or government that has been tested for steroids? I know they have the ability to do this, but I have yet to hear of anyone actually being tested? I would imagine the only time anyone in the government or military would be tested for steroids is if they were previously arrested or had some kind of run in with the law pertaining to steroids and even then I doubt they would go through the trouble to test you. If anyone reading this has been tested by the military or government please email me and let me know, I would be interested to hear more about it. 

    In closing, I think 99.9% of customers concerned about getting tested for steroids will be just fine and have nothing to worry about. If you have any questions about specific compounds or being tested for a specific job feel free to email me and I’ll do my best to look into it for you. 

    As always we appreciate any feedback and comments from you guys, thanks!

    Thanks, G