Anavar, the good the bad and the ugly!

07 December 2016 Greg Smith
  • Anavar, the good the bad and the ugly!

    We get many emails regarding the Anavar we carry asking about the potency and legitimacy of it. I will relay some information in this article that should be very informative and worth knowing.

    Anavar is one of the most expensive raw hormones to buy. Compared to Winstrol or Dbol, its nearly 300-400% in cost. For this reason, many sources and manufacturers will ‘fake’ their anavar and do one of several things. The most popular and cost efficient way to make some cheap var, is to simply use winstrol instead of anavar. We see this the most often in the marketplace the past 5-7 years. If a lab wants to label it as a 50mg anavar pill, they will put 15-25 mg. of stanz (winstrol) powder in the pill instead of Anavar. This will give the user some ‘effect’ when they use it, thus negating the customer being able to say its fake, as they will most likely experience something from it that is anabolic. I have seen some ‘Anavar’ that actually tested out as dbol in the past year. The same method is used here, the manufacturer will put 15-20mg of dbol in the pill instead of Anavar. There is a good amount of Var on the market that is outright fake, meaning it has no hormone (or at least no hormone that is identifiable to our Mass spec. tests). Anavar is unique in that it is mild in nature and one could get away with putting nothing in it, and some people may not know the difference?.

    The main reason why these counterfeit Anavar pills are so dangerous is the simple fact you don’t know what your putting into your body? Women buy about 30-40% of the Anavar we sell here at GearDepot. Anavar is great for women as its mild on their system and will not cause Virilization in their bodies when taken in mild doses. We have seen many women buy from us stating they had massive side effects with other brands of var. I suspect many of these other brands are in fact selling dbol or winstrol labeling it as Anavar. On the same note I have had customers email in after using our Var and tell me that it’s fake! They proceed to explain they “took the bathtub brew brand of var and gained 15 lbs in the first 3 weeks, and they know what Anavar feels like!” .. I have to explain to them there is a good chance the product they were using previously is most likely Dbol or winstrol, as var will not give such massive weight increases and anabolic properties in a short time.

    An easy way to spot a fake is looking at the price. I have seen Anavar being sold for the same price as dbol? When I see this I know its fake, as there is no way this can be done, without losing money.

    The reason I am familiar with these practices is because we have purchased ‘anavar’ from many sources that turned out to be fake/counterfeit when we first begin this business. Many years ago we began testing the raw’s we buy before production starts on any tablet. We do this to ensure we are not spending time and resource crafting a product that turned out to be no good. It’s much easier to sample the raw, send that sample off for testing, wait 2 weeks and once the confirmation has been made begin production. The Anavar by Kaballero labs is tested 2x before it’s packaged and ready for sale. Once while still in raw form to ensure the raw is at least 95% pure, and again a sample is taken from the finished batch to ensure each pill is dosed properly to = or exceed 50mg. Many of the Anavar batches are overdosed by 5-10%. The reason for this is to ensure we have at least 50mg of anavar in the pill.

    Please be aware of the Anavar out on the market today. I know there are a few good brands and sources carrying legitimate Anavar, and I commend them for keeping their standards high. We here at GearDepot offer high quality potent products that are effective and dosed accurately. You can rest assured the Anavar from Kaballero labs is real Anavar (Oxandrolone) and has been tested for potency.

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