How to create a bitcoin wallet

12 December 2016 Greg Smith
  • How to create a bitcoin wallet

    How do I get an account?

    The easiest way to create an account, or wallet. Here is the company  we recommend as they are very easy to set up.

    To create an act go to the address listed, then at the top left there is  a green button that says ‘Create a free blockchain wallet’. Click that  and go through the progressions to create the wallet. It should only  take a few minutes. Once you are done, it should open to a page that  will have your wallet address listed on it.

    It should say: ‘This is your Bitcoin address’ with a long series of  letters being it, looking something like this:


    You must remember all of this info, as if you lose it there is no way to  get back in here. So save the PW and userID somewhere safe!

    Next you will want to buy some bitcoins to put in your wallet. Now,  there are many ways to buy or obtain bitcoins. There are many exchanges where people are offering to sell BTC. When they are selling  the BTC ( bitcoins) they will sometimes charge a fee depending on how  you pay for them. Most exchanges have some type of escrow system they  use so you or the seller is not ripped off. On many exchanges you will  find a seller of bitcoins and see what payment methods they accept. Most  will take Paypal, some will take a bank deposit ( you will deposit $ in  their bank acct), others will meet in person to exchange cash, and may  other ways. 

    Here is a website with many different exchanges you can buy BTC on

    I like to use Local bitcoins, but theres many on there that work well.

    There is another service called ‘wall of coins’ that allows you to create an acct and deposit some cash into someones bank act, and then have bitcoin transferred into your bitcoin wallet. The process is explained in this article here: