What makes GearDepot products different then the rest?

16 September 2016 Greg Smith
  • What makes GearDepot products different then the rest?

    I get a lot of emails from guys asking about how our products/services are different from the other ones on the net. I try to explain it to them using a few key points.

    #1 we are 100% USA domestic. We don’t send anything to our customers from outside the USA. We take the risk so they don’t have to. This is a huge bonus as it basically eliminates the risk of a customer getting into any trouble trying to import on their own. If you have ever received a customs seizure letter you know what I am talking about.

    #2 We don’t use any fly by night Underground Labs. We sell 2 main brands, Kaballero and Saizar. They have both been around for many years and we do many strict tests on these products to ensure they are legit and contain exactly what the label says they do. I can’t go into great detail on where and how these lines are produced for security reasons, but I want to show you what 90% of the other Domestic service and UGL, labs are like. They are run by guys making the gear in their bedroom or in mother’s basement. They order some simple solvents and open up shop. They are making these injectables in a room that is not sterile and has containments everywhere! In order to properly bottle an injectible you need to have a ‘clean room’ and proper training on HEPA filters,  laminar flow to reduce air turbulence, proper cleaning & sterilization,proper garments, etc etc. Most of the UG’s selling you gear for ‘cheap’ are doing so because they have very little overhead. They did not invest in a clean room, and clean room operation, proper testing of their products, correct manufacturing processes, and proper sterilization. These things all cost money! Many sources get raw hormones from shady china dealers who dont even test their products. Anyone manufacturing their own gear, needs to have analysis from the agent they are buying from, but common sense is to have it tested yourself too so you know what your getting and putting into your products.

    Have a look at some of the links below. These are all UGL busts. I know who about half of these ‘labs’ are, but out of respect I will not divulge their identity. Have a look at the people arrested and the pics of their so called ‘lab’. You can tell by these images these people are not following proper and correct practices when manufacturing an inject that will be put in someone’s bloodstream.











    After inspecting those articles you can see what their ‘labs’ look like. They are extremely poor, and I am surprised more people are not in the ER with abscesses or severe blood injections. There are a few really good labs and sources on this board/ and the net that I know for a fact use a great facility and really do take personally their customers safety and their customers hard earned money. I commend them for their honor in doing this and their dedication to offering a safe secure product.

    Please be aware if a product is too cheap or seems ‘to good to be true’. We will be the first to tell you, there is good money to be made in this business, just like any business, but there are some costs that affect the price of the products and when I see sources selling products for dirt cheap, it really makes me concerned as to how they are manufacturing their customers gear. Most of you are smart enough to make this association on your own, so I won’t continue on this rant. I will end by saying the Kab, and Saizar lines are produced under the most strict clean room procedures we can create without being FDA approved. We take our customers safety very seriously and we commend the other sources that do this too.


    G and Team GearDepot