Robert V. / Saizar products / June 12th, 2014

21 July 2014 Greg Smith

  • ———-Start Log———

    Name: Robert V

    Age: 55

    height: 5’9”

    weight: 198 lbs

    Background:  Retired Army

    Workout 4 days a week, 30 minutes biking 3 days a week.

    Products testing

     SAIZER Test cyp. 600mg/week

    Other products using concurrently:

     RIPTROPIN HGH kit 5iu 7 days/week

    Total length of time for testing: 12 weeks

     Pre Notes:

    I received the product last week. I have to say I am very impressed with the

    presentation of this SAIZER line.  This SAIZER line looks as
    professional as any

    product I’ve ever used.  I will be injecting 2cc’s a week for 12 weeks.  In

    reality…along with the GH, this will probably be my HRT from here on
    out.  My

    primary goal is increased muscle mass and libido.  I  maintain a
    strict diet

    through the week (with Sunday being a cheat day).  I have been off all
    AAS for

    over a year.  I have been using the GH protocol above for about 6 months

    My baseline test levels are low right now, and that’s why I’m adding in
    test at

    this point.  Hoping I will get a synergistic effect from the combination
    of test

    and GH.

      WEEK 1

    First shots, nothing to crazy to report

      WEEK 2

    I don’t know if its just coincidence or not but I had a really bad day
    yet my

    energy level seemed better and I seemed more stimulated. When I say
    stimulated I

    mean it felt as if my dopamine levels were raised. I don’t know if its a

    combination of the GH and Test that  have any influence on dopamine

    but that is what it felt like today.

     I looked more full and pumped than normal.  Also, while I don’t have any

    strength gains yet, the weight did feel a bit lighter today(not sure if that

    makes sense).  In other words, my endpoint was the same, but I didn’t
    feel like

    I was doing as much work to get there.

      WEEK 3

    Start of third week…weight is 212.  BF has dropped slightly.  Felt more

    strength about half way through this week.

      WEEK 4

    I had my  blood work a few days ago, & my Test levels were above 1500 ng/dl

    I am feeling great right now.  I also look tighter, have a couple

    abs still, and some serious veins in my arms and delts.

      WEEK 6

    Half way through.  My body is full all the time.  Rep range is 15-20 on

    everything.  I’ve noticed great pumps and endurance at these reps.

    up and midsection fat down.

      WEEK 8

    Weighed in at 219 start of 8th week.  Starting to feel like I’ve hit the

    Feel asleep twice today after having meals, this has been happening to me

    lately, i dont know why but everytime i seem to eat lately i become very

    for about an hour and wanna take a nap.  Have had good workouts all week

     Overall…feel pretty good.

      WEEK 12

    Start of 12th week, body weight is 221lbs.  That’s a 23lb gain, which is

    excellent for me, considering the low dose of Test I was on. Libidio is

    good…and that is always a plus!!!  I may do a litttle PCT…I’m not
    sure yet.

     Since I will continue with this protocol for good, may not be a need
    for PCT.

    Time will tell.


    Overall I am a fan of this sazair line. This is definitely a pharmaceutical

    grade product!!!  I have used GearDepot for my supplies on and off now for

    several years. Still impressed with their customer service and T/A’s!!!

    ———end log———