09 September 2016 Greg Smith
  • FAQ

    Is this scam? Will I actually receive the gear I order?

    This is not a scam. We are an official reseller of  KABALLERO and SAIZAR injectable and oral steroids.  At GEARDEPOT, we pride ourselves on customer service and ensuring that our customers get exactly what they pay for – authentic, high quality steroids at competitive prices. We have never scammed anyone and we never will. If you happen upon negative reviews claiming we have scammed someone, please understand that we have been in business for over 12 years. In that time we have found plenty of competitors that have slandered us trying to ruin our reputation. We don’t do much to defend these attacks, as we would rather focus our time on our core business of providing products and service to our customers. If you ever have a questions regarding our legitimacy, I can point you to several forums with 8 years and thousands of reviews from very satisfied customers. 

    Q: How do I know your legit?

    A: You don’t. I can sit here and tell you up and dow that we are not scammers and we are legit until I am blue in the face, but that means nothing in the grand scheme of things. The only way to tell if we are legit is to place an order and see for yourself. I tell everyone asking this question to place a $300 order with us and take the gamble and see how it goes. if you feel there is another supplier that is more ‘trustworthy’ then us, then us? then you should place an order with them first and see if you get your order first, if so  make sure your satisfied with the service and products. If you are, then stick with them! If not, give us a try and place an order. We’d love the chance to earn your trust. We don’t front product so please don’t ask. 

    Q: Where do you ship?

    A: We ship USA domestic only. Meaning we ship these out from within the USA.  We’ve been in this space for many years and we know how to get your package to you safe and secure. No need to worry about getting your package through intl. customs on your own.  We take the risk so you don’t have to. We have never had a customer package seized, ever. 

    Q: Do you have a minimum order amount? What are your shipping charges?

    A: Yes, we  have a $300 minimum order amount (before shipping charges). Shipping is a flat rate fee $30 usd. We recently raised this to cover the new method we are using to ship packages which decreases the T/A, and provides extra security for the packages. If you want to know more, please email me and and ask. I am happy to discuss it in more detail privately. 

    More info on the min order amount can be found here: https://depotorder.co/blog/posts/300-min-order

    Q: How long will it take to receive my order?

    A: Once your payment has been made and then picked up by the receiver, your order will be processed and dispatched within 24 hours. In most cases, you will have your order with 3-4 days after we send it.

    Q: How can I pay for my order?

    A: We accept payments by Western Union, MoneyGram, Walmart to Walmart, and Bitcoin.

    Our payment options are located here: https://depotorder.co/blog/posts/payment-methods-we-accept

    For a description of how to get set up to use Bitcoin, click here  https://depotorder.co/blog/posts/bitcoin

    Q: How will my order be packaged?

    A: All orders will be discreetly & carefully packaged with no reference to the contents in the package. Your email address will also not be on or inside the package.

    Q: Do I need to provide my real name for the shipping address?

    A: No, you do not need to provide your real name, but I would highly suggest using it unless you have some reason you can’t. The reason for this is that if the package is not delivered at your home for some reason, and you have to go to the post office to claim it, they will most likely want some ID to get it. Please know that no one can open your package with a valid search warrant. Not even the postal inspector. 

    Q: What type of mail do you use? Can I ship to a P.O. box?

    A: We ship all packages via the USPS  Yes…you can ship to a PO box. We don’t give our tracking #’s unless there is an issue like your order has taken longer then a week to arrive. This is for security reasons. Please don’t ask for the tracking # unless 1 week from the time you sent your payment has elapsed. 

    More info on shipping can be found here as well: https://depotorder.co/blog/posts/shipping

    Q: I made an order on the site, but i have not received any communication from you since then? is this normal? 

    A: Once you submit an order on the site, you should receive an auto email immediately stating the order and a note that we will be sending you a follow up email with payment information within 24 hrs. If you have not received this email then it is possible that our emails are being blocked by your SPAM filters. Please check your SPAM or junk folders for emails from [email protected]depotorder.co . If they are being blocked, you will need to add us to an allowed/safe senders list in your email application for future receipt. 

    If you still don’t see the email from us, then please send us a message and let us know what you ordered and when you ordered it? We can go in and resend the info from our end manually and make sure you receive it. You can email us at [email protected] or or [email protected] with your order number and an alternate email address that we can use in the future.