13 January 2015 Greg Smith
  • Freebies!!!

    We still offer freebies for orders over $500, $700 & $850

    Orders over $500 get to select one freebie 

    Orders over $700 can select 2 freebies

    Orders over $850 can select 3 freebies. 

    Q: How do I put freebies in my shopping cart? 

    A: When you have selected the dollar amount ($500, $700, or $850) the site will allow you to select the appropriate amount of freebies from the freebies section. 

    Q: Why do the freebies say they cost $1? 

    A: We charge a buck for each freebie. Our system requires us to charge a price for each product we list on it, so we simply put these up for a buck each. 

    To see the freebies please go to the FREEBIES PRODUCT SECTION  on the site