Nuptropin 120 iu HGH kits

26 June 2017 Greg Smith
  • Nuptropin 120 iu HGH kits

    Nuptropin 120 IU HGH kits

    We are now carrying this new brand of HGh called Nuptropin. Nuptropin is Chinese brand of HGH. we have found in our testing that it has been very consistent in the Serum tests and the analysis on the vials we have sent into the lab to be tested. We have been looking at this brand for the last 3 months doing our due diligence to ensure it is legit, effective, and consistent in batch the batch testing. 

    Nuptropin comes in 120 iu kits. There is no water in the kit, so you will need some bacterial static water to mix with. You can mix it one of 2 ways. Some guys will mix 1.2 mL (or 120iu) of water in each vial, this will render you a 1 iu of HGH per 10 units (on the insulin syringe) strength. The other way is to simply mix 1mL in each vial and account for each 10 units to be 1.2 iu of HGH

    One of the reasons we purchased these Nuptropins is the anti counterfeiting codes they come with and the ability to verify them on the website. If you wish to verify the kits please go here:

    I am getting a lot of questions from guys asking me if these are better then the Grey tops kits we sell? The answer is that each product, the TheGreyTops, and the Nuptropins test out to the specifications they are supposed to. I have found the Nuptropin to test slightly higher in the testing we have done thus far, so the extra money spent on these kits is probably worth it. I advise most of the guys asking this question to simply spend the money and buy a kit and try it out for themselves and see how they like it? Make your own assertion on the ‘value’. 

    If you have any other questions please feel free to email in and ask us. 

What's better? the Grey tops or the Blacks tops?

29 March 2017 Greg Smith
  • We get asked a lot what the main difference is between our HGH kits  TheGreyTops and the Black Tops ( meditrope)? I will take a moment to explain this so it makes a little more sense. Both of these brands of HGH come from China. We buy them from the oldest and most reputable seller over there. Our source sells these 2 brands of HGH, and we will buy whatever one is testing higher at the time we purchase them. Sometimes the blacks will test higher and sometimes the greys will. At Times they are almost even, and in that case we will buy 50% of each. When hgh is produced there are slight variables in the manufacturing and production process that will render it more or less potent. When we buy, we will get a sample of 5 kits of each batch and send 6 of them to testers we use that will have igf levels tested, then we will send a vial of each off to have a real analysis done in the lab. This is not cheap but its given us peace of mind over the years so we know what we are carrying is legit. Many years ago I was ripped over time and time again from sellers sending me cheap crap. As many of you know, everyone says their hgh is “99.9% pure” lol. I can tell you this, I have yet to test an HGh that is 99.9% pure. If you get anything above 95% you’re doing excellent. You can spot the guys selling you garbage if they tell you it’s 99.9% pure. They may show you a lab analysis of it, but that’s not hard to fake.

    I get a lot of emails from customers asking me what one is better? It’s hard to answer that question as they are both great. Some guys swear by the Meditrope black tops, and some guys swear TheGreyTop’s are the best. I can tell you with the utmost certainty that whatever brand we have stocked is what is the most potent at the time we purchased them. I have continued to buy these from my supplier because they are consistently testing about 94%.

    We welcome anyone to get their blood work done while taking our products, especially the HGH.  HGH is expensive and you want to make sure that what you’re buying is legit. If you want info on how to get the blood tested for legit HGH we have an article on it here.

How to mix the Humatrope 72 iu

03 November 2016 Greg Smith
  • How to mix the Humatrope 72 iu

    The Brand of this HGH is by Lilly. Its 100% real, sealed from there factory. It will come with a small cylindrical vail that has powder in it. On one side of this vial it will have a red rubber stopper. On this same side you will see a yellow band around the vial and some arrows or triangles pointing to this end. This is the end that you will stick the insulin syringe in to pull out your HGH once you have it mixed. 

    Now, the other devise in the package is a large pen that is holding 3.15mL of water. This pen is used to transfer the water from in the pen, to the inside of the small cylindrical vail. You will take the cap off the bottom of the pen, and there will be a ‘needle cover’ you will need to pull and remove as well. Once you remove this you will see a small needle that is tucked inside there. You will connect this end of the pen, to the side of the small cylindrical vail with the yellow band and arrows. You will slid the small cylindrical vail into the end of the pen and you will turn it about a half turn to the right and it will lock to secure itself. Now, you will push on the back end of the pen’s plunger and this will push water from the pen, into the small cylindrical vail of HGH. Once you have all of the water in there, you can turn the pen a half turn to the left and it will come off and detach from the vial. Now, at this point the pen is not needed for anything else, you can throw it away. Next you will roll the small cylindrical vail of HGH and water until its all mixed, DON’T shake it in your hand, as this can damage the HGH in there. Its delicate and needs to be treated as such. Once its mixed and the solution looks clear its ready to be used. You will draw out of the side with he red rubber stopper and the yellow band around the vial. You can draw out of this just like you would any other HGH vial. Use a insulin syringe and simply fill the syringe to the desired amount. 

    Now, the constitution of the HGh and water will be a different ratio or HGH to water then your probably used to. You have just mixed 3.15mL water in 72 iu of HGH. This gives you a concentration of 0.24 iu of HGH, in every 1 iu of water. 

    Your insulin syringes are probably 100 iu( or 1cc, or 1mL)

    Seeing as the ratio of HGH is 1iu of water to 0.24 iu of HGH. This is a guide for determining how much water to draw to get the desired amount of HGH

    1iu water = 0.24 iu HGH

    2iu water= 0.48 iu HGH

    3iu water= 0.72 iu HGH

    4iu water =0.96 iu HGH ( basically 1iu of HGH)

    5iu water= 1.2 iu HGH 

    6iu water= 1.44 iu HGH 

    7iu water= 1.68 iu HGH 

    8iu water= 1.92 iu HGH 

    9iu water = 2.16 iu HGH 

    10iu water =2.4 iu HGH 

    15 iu water =3.6 iu HGH 

    20iu water = 4.8 iu HGH 

    To get the exact amount, you can simply take  the amount of HGH you want to do, lets say its 4 iu of HGH. Just divide that # by 0.24. So if you want to use 4 iu of HGH, you would calculate 4 / 0.24 = 16.6 iu of water. That is the amount you would draw to = 4 iu of HGH

    Please keep in mind that this HGH is about 2x as potent as other brands. I don’t understand this? and I don’t have any reasoning on how this is so?, but may of the people who use this Humatrope HGh can take 50% of the dose they normally do and get the same if not more effect. Personally I use 7-8 iu of HGH each time I inject with the grey tops or black tops. When i use Humatrope I can only handle 3-4 iu. before my hands begin to really swell and ache. 

    When shipping this HGH we don’t use dry ice. The manufacturer recommends that you use dry ice when shopping it, but we have found very little if any degradation if we ship this within 3 months of when we receive it. We receive them brand new from the factory. I was skeptical of this claim that it could be shipped without dry ice so we did some internal testing. I had 5 kits sent from the manufacturer in Europe, to My shipper in the US using no ice. The shipper then sent it to a GearDepot Tester across the country with no ice, He then sent it to the testing facility back across the country with no ice. They reconstituted it and tested it there. We saw a 1.8% degradation in potency which is within the 3% that is considered acceptable. 

    After you receive this HGH, and you have reconstituted it  (mixed the water with the HGH powder) you will want to keep it in the fridge after that. Please don’t put it in the door of the fridge as it will be shaken around every time you open the door. Once its been mixed its not nearly as stable and needs to be treated delicately. 

    I encourage you too try this brand and let us know your results. We feel fortunate we’re able to carry it and offer it to our customers, its great. 

    Thanks, G

The HGH situation

20 January 2015 Greg Smith
  • As many of you know, we have carried riptropin kits at times and at other times we can’t get them. From what I understand right now there is going to be a drought in the rip kits for a while. We carry several other kits right now as an alternative. The Grey top kits that come with labels and boxes are awesome. I have had about a dozen of our testers tell me these are as good if not better then the rips. The serum tests we have received back on these are awesome as well! 

    Many people ask which HGH is best? There are so many HGH kits being sold right now its hard to know what is good and what is bad. If I had my choise I would carry one brand of HGH that I knew was on target all the time and we were always able to receive. Unfortunately this is not something practical for us to do, hence the reason we always have 3-4 different brands we are carrying. I have been Very impressed with the grey tops. The labeled and the unlabeled kits. Everyone that has been ordering this has had great things to say about it. The orange tops are great as well. We sourced these from a long time HGH source I have been ordering from for 7 years out of china. We have been in this game long enough that we don’t get screwed around with on the HGH anymore. My sources will tell me straight up if a HGH they have is good, bad or ugly. They know they can sell me a few hundred kits of sub par HGH and make some quick $, but in the long run I will have to either send it back to them when its test poorly and if this occurs more then once we simply won’t use their service anymore. The guys I deal with will tell us what is testing out the best. This is the primary reason we will have blue tops, or orange tops or grey tops at different times of the year. These are the batches of kits that  have tested out the best so that is what we have ordered in. You can rest assured that what we have instock is legit, and of the best quality. We don’t mess around with anything that we would not put in our own bodies. We have dozens of IFBB pros that we take care of & these guys know their gear. We can’t pull a fast one on them and try to send them anything that is not of the highest quality. 

    Anyhow, I wanted to let you know the reason you will see different kits on here at different times. If you ever have questions don’t hesitate to ask. We are always here to help!