Ordering from gear depot

13 January 2015 Greg Smith
  • Ordering from gear depot

    Ordering on the new website is easy. simply place the products you want in the shopping cart and then push submit. The site will let us know when an order has been placed and we will reply back to you via email with payment information. We accept western union, Money gram, and wlamart 2 walmart for payment. We will email you payment instructions at which time you will have 48 hrs to complete the payment. After you make the payment simply reply back to the email with the payment information and we will retrieve the payment and ship your order at once. We ask that you allow 8 days to receive your order. In most cases we are able to delivery your package within 3-5 days, but due to the nature of our business we ask for a cushion to allow us to ship the product safely. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. 

    If you feel more comfortable placing an order from us using the [email protected] email address as we have done in the past your welcome to simply email us your order as well. 

    Thank you, 

    Team gear depot