TUTORIAL - Bitcoin: A tutorial on how to stay safe purchasing and spending Bitcoins

20 September 2017 Greg Smith
  • TUTORIAL - Bitcoin: A tutorial on how to stay safe purchasing and spending Bitcoins

    This is the easiest and cheapest way to purchase bitcoins. This is what we recommend anyone who is new to BTC to use. 

    How to Purchase and Spend Bitcoins Anonymously.

    Bitcoin (BTC) can be completely overwhelming when starting out. Most of that is due to the unnecessary, technical information, which most people don’t need to know, so for this tutorial we’re just going to show you how to purchase and spend BTC anonymously.

    What you need:

    • A computer

    • An Email Address (Create an address to use only for BTC)

    • Tor Browser or VPN (Not Necessary – Just extra precaution)

    CASH MONEY – (Entirely Necessary)

    1) Sign Up For LocalBitcoins.com

    Click on the Sign Up Button and on the following screen you’ll enter your Information and your newly created email address, as shown below. Fill out the Captcha Form and click REGISTER.

    2) Check your email for the Authentication Link and Activate your account. Close out of Localbitcoins.com and re-open. Make sure your Username and Password work, and Login. The hard part is now done!

    3a) You should be at the HomeScreen now. “I want to buy bitcoins,” should be selected and on the Payment Method box, select Cash Deposit. Then click SEARCH.

    3b) Now we’re going to find out how much we need to buy in BTC to cover our DVD Costs. General rule of thumb is buy what you need plus $20 in case BTC value fluctuates while we’re shopping. Typically doesn’t happen and we’re not really concerned with the value of BTC since we’re not investing in it. We’re using it as a means of currency exchange. Google, “BTC Price” and click search. 

    As you can see below I need $300 to cover my DVD’s and shipping, which comes out to be 0.76 Bitcoins. This is the number we’re concerned with. Remember that number and move on to the next step…

    4) Here is where we will choose our Seller. Just find someone that accepts deposits from a Bank near you – Bank of America, Arvest, Chase, etc. The seller should also have a 100% Feedback Rating and offer to do transactions for the amount of USD you’re going to send. Once you find one that seems good, click BUY.

    5) Here is where you’ll initiate your trade for USD to BTC. Input the Number of BTC you want to buy and it will give you the USD amount you need to send. Click “Send Trade Request” and proceed.

    6) Once the trade request has been initiated you will see the directions on the right side on how to proceed. Just follow the directions. This seller has stated requested you use your genuine IP (No TOR or VPN) which is OK since we have no identifiable information about ourselves and it’s NOT illegal to purchase Bitcoins. *Not all sellers require you to use your genuine IP, but if you feel uneasy about it, just look around. There are tons who don’t.

    After you’ve done what the seller requested: 1) Deposit Money in their Account, Upload Pic of Deposit Receipt, and received confirmation from Seller on transaction, we’re ready to spend our newfound Bitcoins!

    7) As in the pic above, click on your Profile Icon and click Wallet (it will have BTC in there hopefully).

    Here you will enter the Receiving Wallet Address (you will receive this from your DVD seller), the amount in USD you want to send, a description your seller requests (if they want to know who it’s from), and your password. Once that’s done, click “Send from Wallet”. 

    Congratulations! You have now paid for your DVD’s and you should get a confirmation and tracking number to let you know when to expect your Sex in the City – The Full Collection DVD Set.

New W/U, MG, and w2w payment guidelines and instructions. PLEASE READ!

02 May 2017 Greg Smith
  • New W/U, MG, and w2w payment guidelines and instructions. PLEASE READ!

    We are no longer allowing online payments for Western Union, Money Gram, or Walmart 2 Walmart. Here is the reason why. 

    There has been a huge increase in the amount of online fraud that has been going through these money transfer services. Crooks are stealing a credit card, then using it to send themselves money. This is causing over 50% of the online payments done through w/u, MG, and w2w to get flagged and kicked back. This just started about 3-4 months ago and we have noticed it more and more the last month. We are not going to take any online payments anymore because of this. Its delaying orders and causing us to spend way to much time trouble shooting bad payments. Anyone that has had this happen to them knows what I am talking about. They will assure us the payment is good, we will try to collect and get rejected. We’ll try again after the customer has been on the phone with them for an hour, and again we will be denied to collection. It is cheaper to go into the location to send the payment, so please be willing to do this. Below us some helpful info for those who have been concerned about the questions w/u, mg, and w2w are asking them at the counter when they are sending money, please read and this process will go so much better for you! 

    If the clerk begins to question you about why your sending money to this person and how you know them? Please understand they are only trying to protect you and keep your money safe. They don’t know what you plan to buy or anything about you. You would be surprised how many guys we get that email us back after trying to send a payment and tell me something like this “ bro, I went to send the payment just like you said and the clerk was asking me all off these questions about who I was sending money to and why I was sending it? I think she knew for sure I was ordering steroids online bro, I think they are onto us!” … I am dead serious, we get that often! … If they are asking you questions is is to protect you and protect your money. There are so many scammers out there now that are tricking old grandmas and gullible people into sending them money because they are a long lost relative in need, or they won a prize etc etc. There’s a lot of Con artists out there now a days and the clerk is simply doing their job making sure you know the person your sending money to. If they ask you these questions just smile at them and say

    • Your sending the money to a old college friend for a birthday gift. 
    • Your good buddy is a little short so your sending him some cash too cover the bills. 

    If the payment is being sent international then you can say:

    • Your sending money to a forge in exchange student that used olive with you to help them with school/bills. 
    • Your business partner lives in XYZ country and your sending money for another order. 

    If your kind and you don’t pee your pants it will go smooth and you will be able to send the money just fine. Remember, they are trying to protect you, not trying to bust you for ordering juice online! Lol! Just be relaxed and have the information handy on your phone or printed on a  piece of paper and the transaction will go smooth. 

    If you have any questions about this please do let us know, we are happy to help. 



Payment Methods we accept

17 January 2015 Greg Smith
  • Payment Methods we accept

    We accept several different payment methods. Western Union, Money gram, Walmart 2 Walmart & now Bitcoin

    Most customers like to use western union, but we have issues with them from time to time, so if we ask you to use another payment option above, please understand we are doing it in your and our best interest to assure we don’t have any issues. Here is a link that will show you how to send a western union payment-

    Money Gram payments are accepted. If you want to use this method please simply let us know and we can send you a Money gram receiver. See the link below for sending a Money Gram payment

    Walmart 2 Walmart is a great payment option. Its easy and pretty cheap to send anything less then $900. If you have never tried this method I would recommend using it if you have a Walmart near you. This video explains a little about the new service 

    Bitcoin is a new payment option we have just begun using. If your familiar with this method then you know its very easy to send and receive money using it. We can verify payments quickly and get your order sent much faster using this service. 

    If you have any questions about payments please feel free to email us and inquire. Thanks