Will steroids show up on my employment drug test?

05 October 2017 Greg Smith
  • Will steroids show up on my employment drug test?

    I get this question often from many of the customers who are new to steroids. The simple and (almost) always correct answer is ‘No’. The only people I have seen tested specifically for steroids are collegiate and professional athletes. You have to understand how much different steroids are as opposed to recreational drugs. On a normal drug test your employer is looking to cover their ass to ensure your not a liability. They will test you for marijuana, coke, Meth (stimulants like adderall can show up here), & Opiates. There are specific tests for each of these, or the 4 in 1 test that most clinics use. Anyone who has been administered a ‘steroid test’ will know there has to be a large amount of urine collected compared to a recreational drug test. The reason for this is 2 parts. First, there are literally hundreds of drugs that need to be tested for, and each one requires a certain amount of urine. Second, they will normally pull an A and a B sample. They will test the A sample, and leave the B sample secured for use of re testing again if the A sample is inconclusive or tests positive to assure/confirm the results. 

    Some don’t understand this fully, but there is not one test for ‘steroids’, meaning they don’t test for one marker. Although the majority of the public still thinks that steroids come in a bottle that says ‘STEROIDS’ across the front of it, this is not the case! They must test for all of the compounds on the USADA list. This means they test for Testosterone Prop, Test Cyp, Test Ent, Nandralone ( deca), Trenbolone Acetate, etc etc. There are literally hundreds of ‘steroids’ that must be tested for plus many other performance enhancing drugs/products like clenbuterol etc. As you can imagine, these tests are very expensive and not many employers could afford to administer them, not to mention I really don’t think many employers care if your juiced or not? 

    Collegiate and Professional athletes are tested for steroids but not all the time and every year/month. I know many high level collegiate athletes who played Division 1 football for 4 years and never had to take a test. I know others who were tested every year. In the NCAA they are supposed to administer these tests at random. 

    Military and Government employment. I have yet to meet anyone in the military or government that has been tested for steroids? I know they have the ability to do this, but I have yet to hear of anyone actually being tested? I would imagine the only time anyone in the government or military would be tested for steroids is if they were previously arrested or had some kind of run in with the law pertaining to steroids and even then I doubt they would go through the trouble to test you. If anyone reading this has been tested by the military or government please email me and let me know, I would be interested to hear more about it. 

    In closing, I think 99.9% of customers concerned about getting tested for steroids will be just fine and have nothing to worry about. If you have any questions about specific compounds or being tested for a specific job feel free to email me and I’ll do my best to look into it for you. 

    As always we appreciate any feedback and comments from you guys, thanks!

    Thanks, G

TUTORIAL - Bitcoin: A tutorial on how to stay safe purchasing and spending Bitcoins

20 September 2017 Greg Smith
  • TUTORIAL - Bitcoin: A tutorial on how to stay safe purchasing and spending Bitcoins

    This is the easiest and cheapest way to purchase bitcoins. This is what we recommend anyone who is new to BTC to use. 

    How to Purchase and Spend Bitcoins Anonymously.

    Bitcoin (BTC) can be completely overwhelming when starting out. Most of that is due to the unnecessary, technical information, which most people don’t need to know, so for this tutorial we’re just going to show you how to purchase and spend BTC anonymously.

    What you need:

    • A computer

    • An Email Address (Create an address to use only for BTC)

    • Tor Browser or VPN (Not Necessary – Just extra precaution)

    CASH MONEY – (Entirely Necessary)

    1) Sign Up For LocalBitcoins.com

    Click on the Sign Up Button and on the following screen you’ll enter your Information and your newly created email address, as shown below. Fill out the Captcha Form and click REGISTER.

    2) Check your email for the Authentication Link and Activate your account. Close out of Localbitcoins.com and re-open. Make sure your Username and Password work, and Login. The hard part is now done!

    3a) You should be at the HomeScreen now. “I want to buy bitcoins,” should be selected and on the Payment Method box, select Cash Deposit. Then click SEARCH.

    3b) Now we’re going to find out how much we need to buy in BTC to cover our DVD Costs. General rule of thumb is buy what you need plus $20 in case BTC value fluctuates while we’re shopping. Typically doesn’t happen and we’re not really concerned with the value of BTC since we’re not investing in it. We’re using it as a means of currency exchange. Google, “BTC Price” and click search. 

    As you can see below I need $300 to cover my DVD’s and shipping, which comes out to be 0.76 Bitcoins. This is the number we’re concerned with. Remember that number and move on to the next step…

    4) Here is where we will choose our Seller. Just find someone that accepts deposits from a Bank near you – Bank of America, Arvest, Chase, etc. The seller should also have a 100% Feedback Rating and offer to do transactions for the amount of USD you’re going to send. Once you find one that seems good, click BUY.

    5) Here is where you’ll initiate your trade for USD to BTC. Input the Number of BTC you want to buy and it will give you the USD amount you need to send. Click “Send Trade Request” and proceed.

    6) Once the trade request has been initiated you will see the directions on the right side on how to proceed. Just follow the directions. This seller has stated requested you use your genuine IP (No TOR or VPN) which is OK since we have no identifiable information about ourselves and it’s NOT illegal to purchase Bitcoins. *Not all sellers require you to use your genuine IP, but if you feel uneasy about it, just look around. There are tons who don’t.

    After you’ve done what the seller requested: 1) Deposit Money in their Account, Upload Pic of Deposit Receipt, and received confirmation from Seller on transaction, we’re ready to spend our newfound Bitcoins!

    7) As in the pic above, click on your Profile Icon and click Wallet (it will have BTC in there hopefully).

    Here you will enter the Receiving Wallet Address (you will receive this from your DVD seller), the amount in USD you want to send, a description your seller requests (if they want to know who it’s from), and your password. Once that’s done, click “Send from Wallet”. 

    Congratulations! You have now paid for your DVD’s and you should get a confirmation and tracking number to let you know when to expect your Sex in the City – The Full Collection DVD Set.

Nuptropin 120 iu HGH kits

26 June 2017 Greg Smith
  • Nuptropin 120 iu HGH kits

    Nuptropin 120 IU HGH kits

    We are now carrying this new brand of HGh called Nuptropin. Nuptropin is Chinese brand of HGH. we have found in our testing that it has been very consistent in the Serum tests and the analysis on the vials we have sent into the lab to be tested. We have been looking at this brand for the last 3 months doing our due diligence to ensure it is legit, effective, and consistent in batch the batch testing. 

    Nuptropin comes in 120 iu kits. There is no water in the kit, so you will need some bacterial static water to mix with. You can mix it one of 2 ways. Some guys will mix 1.2 mL (or 120iu) of water in each vial, this will render you a 1 iu of HGH per 10 units (on the insulin syringe) strength. The other way is to simply mix 1mL in each vial and account for each 10 units to be 1.2 iu of HGH

    One of the reasons we purchased these Nuptropins is the anti counterfeiting codes they come with and the ability to verify them on the website. If you wish to verify the kits please go here:


    I am getting a lot of questions from guys asking me if these are better then the Grey tops kits we sell? The answer is that each product, the TheGreyTops, and the Nuptropins test out to the specifications they are supposed to. I have found the Nuptropin to test slightly higher in the testing we have done thus far, so the extra money spent on these kits is probably worth it. I advise most of the guys asking this question to simply spend the money and buy a kit and try it out for themselves and see how they like it? Make your own assertion on the ‘value’. 

    If you have any other questions please feel free to email in and ask us. 

Dark Tren Light Tren, what does it mean?

13 June 2017 Greg Smith
  • The tren products we carry will differ in color at times. There is a notion that the darker the tren the more potent the gear is. That is not true at all. The color of the tren products has to do with the oxidation of the raw tren hormone. It’s structure causes the color to change when prolonged heat is applied during the ‘brewing’ or manufacturing process. Any of you who used to buy the Fina cattle pellets and separate the glue from them and brew you own finaplix H will know how dark that was. It was due to the prolonged heat that was applied to it to maker it viscous enough to strain the talc and separate the hormone from the binder. Please understand, the color of the tren has nothing to do with it potency. Even in the same batch, the color can change in the tren. Just because the batch # is the same, does not mean the color will be in the tren. Much of the products are brewed in smaller batches, but in each batch there may be 4-5 gallon separate beakers used to manufacturer it, nd even more if its a Blended product  (Rip Blend or Triple Blend) . So  you can end up with different colors in the vials. If you have questions about this please don’t hesitate to email in and ask. I want to make sure everyone understands this process and knows why it will differ in color.

What's better? the Grey tops or the Blacks tops?

29 March 2017 Greg Smith
  • We get asked a lot what the main difference is between our HGH kits  TheGreyTops and the Black Tops ( meditrope)? I will take a moment to explain this so it makes a little more sense. Both of these brands of HGH come from China. We buy them from the oldest and most reputable seller over there. Our source sells these 2 brands of HGH, and we will buy whatever one is testing higher at the time we purchase them. Sometimes the blacks will test higher and sometimes the greys will. At Times they are almost even, and in that case we will buy 50% of each. When hgh is produced there are slight variables in the manufacturing and production process that will render it more or less potent. When we buy, we will get a sample of 5 kits of each batch and send 6 of them to testers we use that will have igf levels tested, then we will send a vial of each off to have a real analysis done in the lab. This is not cheap but its given us peace of mind over the years so we know what we are carrying is legit. Many years ago I was ripped over time and time again from sellers sending me cheap crap. As many of you know, everyone says their hgh is “99.9% pure” lol. I can tell you this, I have yet to test an HGh that is 99.9% pure. If you get anything above 95% you’re doing excellent. You can spot the guys selling you garbage if they tell you it’s 99.9% pure. They may show you a lab analysis of it, but that’s not hard to fake.

    I get a lot of emails from customers asking me what one is better? It’s hard to answer that question as they are both great. Some guys swear by the Meditrope black tops, and some guys swear TheGreyTop’s are the best. I can tell you with the utmost certainty that whatever brand we have stocked is what is the most potent at the time we purchased them. I have continued to buy these from my supplier because they are consistently testing about 94%.

    We welcome anyone to get their blood work done while taking our products, especially the HGH.  HGH is expensive and you want to make sure that what you’re buying is legit. If you want info on how to get the blood tested for legit HGH we have an article on it here.


How to create a bitcoin wallet

12 December 2016 Greg Smith
  • How to create a bitcoin wallet

    How do I get an account?

    The easiest way to create an account, or wallet. Here is the company  we recommend as they are very easy to set up.


    To create an act go to the address listed, then at the top left there is  a green button that says ‘Create a free blockchain wallet’. Click that  and go through the progressions to create the wallet. It should only  take a few minutes. Once you are done, it should open to a page that  will have your wallet address listed on it.

    It should say: ‘This is your Bitcoin address’ with a long series of  letters being it, looking something like this:


    You must remember all of this info, as if you lose it there is no way to  get back in here. So save the PW and userID somewhere safe!

    Next you will want to buy some bitcoins to put in your wallet. Now,  there are many ways to buy or obtain bitcoins. There are many exchanges where people are offering to sell BTC. When they are selling  the BTC ( bitcoins) they will sometimes charge a fee depending on how  you pay for them. Most exchanges have some type of escrow system they  use so you or the seller is not ripped off. On many exchanges you will  find a seller of bitcoins and see what payment methods they accept. Most  will take Paypal, some will take a bank deposit ( you will deposit $ in  their bank acct), others will meet in person to exchange cash, and may  other ways. 

    Here is a website with many different exchanges you can buy BTC on


    I like to use Local bitcoins, but theres many on there that work well.


    There is another service called ‘wall of coins’ that allows you to create an acct and deposit some cash into someones bank act, and then have bitcoin transferred into your bitcoin wallet. The process is explained in this article here: 


Bitcoin 'Wall of coins'

12 December 2016 Greg Smith
  • Bitcoin 'Wall of coins'


    This service is great as it simplifies the transaction and still keeps you anonymous and it does not charge an absurd fee. Go to the link, and  select Buy coins.

    First it will find your location ( it needs this as it is going to give  you list of banks near you to deposit $ to buy the BTC )

    Next it will ask for your BTC address, remember this is the long address  with weird #s ( looks like this “1Gm4pN9FBtgtaftVJdVVyelBswaMztTZui”)

    Enter that # in and click next-

    Then its going to ask how much money in bitcoins you want to buy? You can enter in the usd amount and it will convert for you. I would recommend buying  like $5 to $10 more in btc then the total the order amount, just as a  buffer. So lets say the order is for $475, then you will want to buy  $480 worth of BTC. so enter in $480 and click next.

    Next it will show a list of banks near you to deposit the $ in. You will  select one of the banks. Please note that each bank will have a different rate they offer to exchange the $ for you. if you look at the 3-4 banks listed there, you can choose them based on convince for you, or the conversion rate. They are all pretty close, but if you loot at the exact rater they will convert at, you can see that there will be one that will give you the best deal essentially.  Click  the green order button next to the one you want to use and it will go tot he next page-

    Once you click on “ORDER” corresponding the bank you opt for, it will take you to a verification page that has a spot for a PURCHASE CODE.  Wall of coins will text the code to your phone, that is why you must give a legitimate phone number!  Once you receive the code, you need to enter it immediately!  If you wait too long, it will not accept it, and you will have to go through the steps again. ( please note, it is simply doing this to verify your a real person and not some bot)

    Once you enter the purchase code, it will bring up a page that lists all the info you will need to make the cash deposit to the account.  It will show the following info”






    The deposit due is the time frame you MUST make the deposit in!  This is approximately a 120 minute window.  Until you make it, you will receive text messages sent to your phone showing the minutes left to complete the deposit. After you make the deposit, make sure you reply back to Wall of Coins system’s text message with the proper code to flag your deposit as finished. This will expedite the process. Once you do that, Wall of Coins will wait for the seller to confirm that they received your cash deposit. Sellers are graded on their response time, and they prioritize showing you the sellers who respond the quickest. There are many factors involved, but to say it simply, the typical time you will receive your Bitcoin is within 5-15 minutes after the seller verifies the deposit.

    Once the seller has confirmed they have received your deposit, Wall of Coins will then send you a text and/or email saying, “Your order of XX USD for XXXXXX.XX bits is complete!  You will be able to spend this from your wallet shortly”.  You should be able to go to Blockchain.com, log on, and see your most recent activity, and the balance in your Biticoin wallet.

    Once you see the coins have been loaded in there, you can simply make the payment to us using the code below and selecting the amount to send us. we will receive the payment within 5 to 15 min.

Anavar, the good the bad and the ugly!

07 December 2016 Greg Smith
  • Anavar, the good the bad and the ugly!

    We get many emails regarding the Anavar we carry asking about the potency and legitimacy of it. I will relay some information in this article that should be very informative and worth knowing.

    Anavar is one of the most expensive raw hormones to buy. Compared to Winstrol or Dbol, its nearly 300-400% in cost. For this reason, many sources and manufacturers will ‘fake’ their anavar and do one of several things. The most popular and cost efficient way to make some cheap var, is to simply use winstrol instead of anavar. We see this the most often in the marketplace the past 5-7 years. If a lab wants to label it as a 50mg anavar pill, they will put 15-25 mg. of stanz (winstrol) powder in the pill instead of Anavar. This will give the user some ‘effect’ when they use it, thus negating the customer being able to say its fake, as they will most likely experience something from it that is anabolic. I have seen some ‘Anavar’ that actually tested out as dbol in the past year. The same method is used here, the manufacturer will put 15-20mg of dbol in the pill instead of Anavar. There is a good amount of Var on the market that is outright fake, meaning it has no hormone (or at least no hormone that is identifiable to our Mass spec. tests). Anavar is unique in that it is mild in nature and one could get away with putting nothing in it, and some people may not know the difference?.

    The main reason why these counterfeit Anavar pills are so dangerous is the simple fact you don’t know what your putting into your body? Women buy about 30-40% of the Anavar we sell here at GearDepot. Anavar is great for women as its mild on their system and will not cause Virilization in their bodies when taken in mild doses. We have seen many women buy from us stating they had massive side effects with other brands of var. I suspect many of these other brands are in fact selling dbol or winstrol labeling it as Anavar. On the same note I have had customers email in after using our Var and tell me that it’s fake! They proceed to explain they “took the bathtub brew brand of var and gained 15 lbs in the first 3 weeks, and they know what Anavar feels like!” .. I have to explain to them there is a good chance the product they were using previously is most likely Dbol or winstrol, as var will not give such massive weight increases and anabolic properties in a short time.

    An easy way to spot a fake is looking at the price. I have seen Anavar being sold for the same price as dbol? When I see this I know its fake, as there is no way this can be done, without losing money.

    The reason I am familiar with these practices is because we have purchased ‘anavar’ from many sources that turned out to be fake/counterfeit when we first begin this business. Many years ago we began testing the raw’s we buy before production starts on any tablet. We do this to ensure we are not spending time and resource crafting a product that turned out to be no good. It’s much easier to sample the raw, send that sample off for testing, wait 2 weeks and once the confirmation has been made begin production. The Anavar by Kaballero labs is tested 2x before it’s packaged and ready for sale. Once while still in raw form to ensure the raw is at least 95% pure, and again a sample is taken from the finished batch to ensure each pill is dosed properly to = or exceed 50mg. Many of the Anavar batches are overdosed by 5-10%. The reason for this is to ensure we have at least 50mg of anavar in the pill.

    Please be aware of the Anavar out on the market today. I know there are a few good brands and sources carrying legitimate Anavar, and I commend them for keeping their standards high. We here at GearDepot offer high quality potent products that are effective and dosed accurately. You can rest assured the Anavar from Kaballero labs is real Anavar (Oxandrolone) and has been tested for potency.

    Click here to see Kaballero labs Anavar 

Getting your blood work done? Read this!

01 December 2016 Greg Smith
  • Getting your blood work done? Read this!

    We encourage everyone to get their blood work done Here are the reasons why:

    • General health and wellbeing. Your blood work is a roadmap to your body and your overall health. 90% of the diseases and ailments you could have in your lifetime, including cancer, and many other terminal illnesses will show themselves in your blood work long before they manifest symptoms on the outside of your body. Its wise to know what your cholesterol and other lipids are at, along with your liver and kidney markers. 
    • To understand what your hormone levels are BEFORE you begin taking steroids or any other drugs. I can’t stress this enough to our customers. Its relatively cheap and easy to get your blood work done, so spend $100 and get some basic tests done to see what your natural Testosterone levels are at, and to know if you have any other levels that should cause concern. It would not be wise to begin  cycle of oral anabolic if you already have high liver enzymes, or beginning any anabolic if your kidneys are very stressed. Not only will the drugs be much less effective in your system, but the damage done to your organs and body can be great. 
    • To know if the Testosterone products and HGH your taking are real. This is why most guys will want the blood tests, and we encourage everyone to do it to ensure their products are real and they are spending their hard earned money on top shelf products. 

    If you have insurance-

    Some of you may have insurance, if you do a full panel blood test can be done for very cheap if your physical; will order it. Most will if you tell them you want one just to ensure your healthy. Get the full panel and make sure they test for free testosterone as well. Most insurances will not cover a HGH or more precisely an igf test. This has to be ordered separate, but its not expensive. 

    If you don’t have insurance-

    If you don’t have insurance, then you can choose from one of the man y different labs online sites that offer this service. Most of them are very straight forward and pretty cheap too. You don’t need a doctor order or prescription to get this done. You choose the tests you want on the website, pay the fee, and then you select one of the blood drawing facilities they have listed. Most people live near a lab corp or some type of lab that will draw blood. Select the facility, and compete the transaction. You will have a for you will take into the facility to draw the blood, they will draw it there, and then send you on your way. A few days later you will have an email with he results. This is really a great way to check your blood on a regular basis. 

    Protocol for testing your testosterone products

    depending on the Testosterone your taking, I would recommend injecting 48 hrs before your test. This is important as this will give you the best result and the most accurate reading on the product. Inject the dose, I would take 1-2 cc’s of whatever product your using depend on your normal dose. 48 hrs later, you should  have the blood drawn. Sometimes they want you to fast in the morning of the test, other times they don’t. 

    Protocol for testing HGH (igf)

    Do a 10 iu injection of your hgh product, 3-4 hrs after taking the injection is when you want to have the blood drawn for the test. No strenuous activity for at least 30 min prior to test, so don’t work out or anything before getting the blood drawn. 

    Should I tell my doctor I am taking Testosterone or HGH

    This is really a personal choice and it depends on if you feel comfortable doing so. some Doc’s ar cool with this kind of thing, and others are not. If you feel your doctor is not cool with this, then I would tell them you are taking a new testosterone boosting supplement from GNC and ask them if they can do blood test to see if yours has raised or where its at? If they ask you what kind it is, tell them DHEA, or Tribulus. They should not have an issue with this. If your getting the test done from one of the online websites, they will not ask you any of this as its none of their business. 

    When you have the test done you should be able to decipher it to see where your levels are at. if you need any help with this, please send us over or let us know the results and we’d be more then happy to help you read the results. This goes for anything to do with general health or the hormone readings. Make sure you get a hard copy of the results from the doctor or lab company. Remember, these are your test results, they belong to you as you paid for them. Keep them in a safe place and file them away for future references. 

    If you need a reference for a good online lab to test your blood, please feel free to email us, i have a few we use on a regular basis. 

    Privatemdlabs is good, if you google ‘Privatemdlabs discount code’ you can find a code for 15-20% off which makes it  a lot cheaper. 

How to mix the Humatrope 72 iu

03 November 2016 Greg Smith
  • How to mix the Humatrope 72 iu

    The Brand of this HGH is by Lilly. Its 100% real, sealed from there factory. It will come with a small cylindrical vail that has powder in it. On one side of this vial it will have a red rubber stopper. On this same side you will see a yellow band around the vial and some arrows or triangles pointing to this end. This is the end that you will stick the insulin syringe in to pull out your HGH once you have it mixed. 

    Now, the other devise in the package is a large pen that is holding 3.15mL of water. This pen is used to transfer the water from in the pen, to the inside of the small cylindrical vail. You will take the cap off the bottom of the pen, and there will be a ‘needle cover’ you will need to pull and remove as well. Once you remove this you will see a small needle that is tucked inside there. You will connect this end of the pen, to the side of the small cylindrical vail with the yellow band and arrows. You will slid the small cylindrical vail into the end of the pen and you will turn it about a half turn to the right and it will lock to secure itself. Now, you will push on the back end of the pen’s plunger and this will push water from the pen, into the small cylindrical vail of HGH. Once you have all of the water in there, you can turn the pen a half turn to the left and it will come off and detach from the vial. Now, at this point the pen is not needed for anything else, you can throw it away. Next you will roll the small cylindrical vail of HGH and water until its all mixed, DON’T shake it in your hand, as this can damage the HGH in there. Its delicate and needs to be treated as such. Once its mixed and the solution looks clear its ready to be used. You will draw out of the side with he red rubber stopper and the yellow band around the vial. You can draw out of this just like you would any other HGH vial. Use a insulin syringe and simply fill the syringe to the desired amount. 

    Now, the constitution of the HGh and water will be a different ratio or HGH to water then your probably used to. You have just mixed 3.15mL water in 72 iu of HGH. This gives you a concentration of 0.24 iu of HGH, in every 1 iu of water. 

    Your insulin syringes are probably 100 iu( or 1cc, or 1mL)

    Seeing as the ratio of HGH is 1iu of water to 0.24 iu of HGH. This is a guide for determining how much water to draw to get the desired amount of HGH

    1iu water = 0.24 iu HGH

    2iu water= 0.48 iu HGH

    3iu water= 0.72 iu HGH

    4iu water =0.96 iu HGH ( basically 1iu of HGH)

    5iu water= 1.2 iu HGH 

    6iu water= 1.44 iu HGH 

    7iu water= 1.68 iu HGH 

    8iu water= 1.92 iu HGH 

    9iu water = 2.16 iu HGH 

    10iu water =2.4 iu HGH 

    15 iu water =3.6 iu HGH 

    20iu water = 4.8 iu HGH 

    To get the exact amount, you can simply take  the amount of HGH you want to do, lets say its 4 iu of HGH. Just divide that # by 0.24. So if you want to use 4 iu of HGH, you would calculate 4 / 0.24 = 16.6 iu of water. That is the amount you would draw to = 4 iu of HGH

    Please keep in mind that this HGH is about 2x as potent as other brands. I don’t understand this? and I don’t have any reasoning on how this is so?, but may of the people who use this Humatrope HGh can take 50% of the dose they normally do and get the same if not more effect. Personally I use 7-8 iu of HGH each time I inject with the grey tops or black tops. When i use Humatrope I can only handle 3-4 iu. before my hands begin to really swell and ache. 

    When shipping this HGH we don’t use dry ice. The manufacturer recommends that you use dry ice when shopping it, but we have found very little if any degradation if we ship this within 3 months of when we receive it. We receive them brand new from the factory. I was skeptical of this claim that it could be shipped without dry ice so we did some internal testing. I had 5 kits sent from the manufacturer in Europe, to My shipper in the US using no ice. The shipper then sent it to a GearDepot Tester across the country with no ice, He then sent it to the testing facility back across the country with no ice. They reconstituted it and tested it there. We saw a 1.8% degradation in potency which is within the 3% that is considered acceptable. 

    After you receive this HGH, and you have reconstituted it  (mixed the water with the HGH powder) you will want to keep it in the fridge after that. Please don’t put it in the door of the fridge as it will be shaken around every time you open the door. Once its been mixed its not nearly as stable and needs to be treated delicately. 

    I encourage you too try this brand and let us know your results. We feel fortunate we’re able to carry it and offer it to our customers, its great. 

    Thanks, G

Blood wor from Saizar Test Cyp 300mg

28 October 2016 Greg Smith
  • Blood wor from Saizar Test Cyp 300mg

    Heres blood work from a customer taking 2 shots of Saizar Test Cyp each week totaling 600mg/week. 

Blood work for Kaballero Sustenon 250mg

28 October 2016 Greg Smith
  • Blood work for Kaballero Sustenon 250mg

    We got this from one of our customers who was taking the Kaballero Sustenon 250mg. He was dosing this at 1 shot every 3 days, this would be equal to about 750mg/week. He was also taking Anavar 50mg per day + Nolvadex 20mg/day. 

Nearing the expiration dates on my gear?

06 October 2016 Greg Smith
  • Nearing the expiration dates on my gear?

    Drug Expiration Dates — Do They Mean Anything?

    So…you have a splitting headache and you reach into the medicine cabinet for some aspirin, only to find the stamped expiration date on the bottle has passed — two years ago.  So, do you decide to take it or don’t you?  If you decide to take the aspirin will it be a fatal mistake or will you simply continue to suffer from the headache? This is a dilemma many people face in some way or another. A column published in Pyschopharmacology Today offers some advice.

    It turns out that the expiration date on a drug does stand for something, but probably not what you think it does. Since a law was passed in 1979, drug manufacturers are required to stamp an expiration date on their products. This is the date at which the manufacturer can still guarantee the full potency and safety of the drug.

    Most of what is known about drug expiration dates comes from a study conducted by the Food and Drug Administration at the request of the military. With a large and expensive stockpile of drugs, the military faced tossing out and replacing its drugs every few years. What they found from the study is 90% of more than 100 drugs, both prescription and over-the-counter, were perfectly good to use even 15 years after the expiration date!

    So the expiration date doesn’t really indicate a point at which the medication is no longer effective or has become unsafe to use. Medical authorities state expired drugs are safe to take, even those that expired years ago. Yes, there are certain drugs that should not be used under any circumstance if they are past the exp date, I would venture to say anything that is critical to saving you life would fall under this criteria, but for 95% of the drugs and supplements you use, they are just fine.

    It’s true the effectiveness of a drug may decrease over time, but much of the original potency still remains even a decade after the expiration date. Excluding nitroglycerin, insulin, and liquid antibiotics, most medications are as long-lasting as the ones tested by the military. Placing a medication in a cool dry place, such as a refrigerator, will help a drug remain potent for many years.

    Is the expiration date a marketing ploy by drug manufacturers, to keep you restocking your medicine cabinet and their pockets regularly? You can look at it that way, or you can also look at it this way: The expiration dates are very conservative to ensure you get everything you paid for. Although I don’t doubt most drug companies enjoy having a shorter exp date as it requires many govt institutions, hospitals and clinics to restock their supply or face lawsuits for selling/administering drugs past their exp date.

    So the bottom line in this is to ensure your products are stored in a cool dry place and you will be sure to have effectiveness for as long as you have your drugs on hand. Keep in a cool dark place and it will surpass the exp. date by many many years.

    I want to amend this article and state something on HGH. Being a peptide that is unstable in room temp conditions it will not stay stable/effective nearly as long as an inject oil or a tablet. I don’t want anyone to think we are saying that HGH will be good for several years after the exp if it’s kept in a cool dry place. I would highly recommend keeping your HGH in the fridge on the shelf (not the door where it is swinging open and getting disturbed regularly), so please let me state that clearly. I would strongly advise anyone to administer their HGH within the suggested exp date on their HGH, and to keep it in the fridge to make sure they are getting full potency out of it.

What makes GearDepot products different then the rest?

16 September 2016 Greg Smith
  • What makes GearDepot products different then the rest?

    I get a lot of emails from guys asking about how our products/services are different from the other ones on the net. I try to explain it to them using a few key points.

    #1 we are 100% USA domestic. We don’t send anything to our customers from outside the USA. We take the risk so they don’t have to. This is a huge bonus as it basically eliminates the risk of a customer getting into any trouble trying to import on their own. If you have ever received a customs seizure letter you know what I am talking about.

    #2 We don’t use any fly by night Underground Labs. We sell 2 main brands, Kaballero and Saizar. They have both been around for many years and we do many strict tests on these products to ensure they are legit and contain exactly what the label says they do. I can’t go into great detail on where and how these lines are produced for security reasons, but I want to show you what 90% of the other Domestic service and UGL, labs are like. They are run by guys making the gear in their bedroom or in mother’s basement. They order some simple solvents and open up shop. They are making these injectables in a room that is not sterile and has containments everywhere! In order to properly bottle an injectible you need to have a ‘clean room’ and proper training on HEPA filters,  laminar flow to reduce air turbulence, proper cleaning & sterilization,proper garments, etc etc. Most of the UG’s selling you gear for ‘cheap’ are doing so because they have very little overhead. They did not invest in a clean room, and clean room operation, proper testing of their products, correct manufacturing processes, and proper sterilization. These things all cost money! Many sources get raw hormones from shady china dealers who dont even test their products. Anyone manufacturing their own gear, needs to have analysis from the agent they are buying from, but common sense is to have it tested yourself too so you know what your getting and putting into your products.

    Have a look at some of the links below. These are all UGL busts. I know who about half of these ‘labs’ are, but out of respect I will not divulge their identity. Have a look at the people arrested and the pics of their so called ‘lab’. You can tell by these images these people are not following proper and correct practices when manufacturing an inject that will be put in someone’s bloodstream.











    After inspecting those articles you can see what their ‘labs’ look like. They are extremely poor, and I am surprised more people are not in the ER with abscesses or severe blood injections. There are a few really good labs and sources on this board/ and the net that I know for a fact use a great facility and really do take personally their customers safety and their customers hard earned money. I commend them for their honor in doing this and their dedication to offering a safe secure product.

    Please be aware if a product is too cheap or seems ‘to good to be true’. We will be the first to tell you, there is good money to be made in this business, just like any business, but there are some costs that affect the price of the products and when I see sources selling products for dirt cheap, it really makes me concerned as to how they are manufacturing their customers gear. Most of you are smart enough to make this association on your own, so I won’t continue on this rant. I will end by saying the Kab, and Saizar lines are produced under the most strict clean room procedures we can create without being FDA approved. We take our customers safety very seriously and we commend the other sources that do this too.


    G and Team GearDepot


09 September 2016 Greg Smith
  • FAQ

    Is this scam? Will I actually receive the gear I order?

    This is not a scam. We are an official reseller of  KABALLERO and SAIZAR injectable and oral steroids.  At GEARDEPOT, we pride ourselves on customer service and ensuring that our customers get exactly what they pay for – authentic, high quality steroids at competitive prices. We have never scammed anyone and we never will. If you happen upon negative reviews claiming we have scammed someone, please understand that we have been in business for over 12 years. In that time we have found plenty of competitors that have slandered us trying to ruin our reputation. We don’t do much to defend these attacks, as we would rather focus our time on our core business of providing products and service to our customers. If you ever have a questions regarding our legitimacy, I can point you to several forums with 8 years and thousands of reviews from very satisfied customers. 

    Q: How do I know your legit?

    A: You don’t. I can sit here and tell you up and dow that we are not scammers and we are legit until I am blue in the face, but that means nothing in the grand scheme of things. The only way to tell if we are legit is to place an order and see for yourself. I tell everyone asking this question to place a $300 order with us and take the gamble and see how it goes. if you feel there is another supplier that is more ‘trustworthy’ then us, then us? then you should place an order with them first and see if you get your order first, if so  make sure your satisfied with the service and products. If you are, then stick with them! If not, give us a try and place an order. We’d love the chance to earn your trust. We don’t front product so please don’t ask. 

    Q: Where do you ship?

    A: We ship USA domestic only. Meaning we ship these out from within the USA.  We’ve been in this space for many years and we know how to get your package to you safe and secure. No need to worry about getting your package through intl. customs on your own.  We take the risk so you don’t have to. We have never had a customer package seized, ever. 

    Q: Do you have a minimum order amount? What are your shipping charges?

    A: Yes, we  have a $300 minimum order amount (before shipping charges). Shipping is a flat rate fee $30 usd. We recently raised this to cover the new method we are using to ship packages which decreases the T/A, and provides extra security for the packages. If you want to know more, please email me and and ask. I am happy to discuss it in more detail privately. 

    More info on the min order amount can be found here: https://depotorder.co/blog/posts/300-min-order

    Q: How long will it take to receive my order?

    A: Once your payment has been made and then picked up by the receiver, your order will be processed and dispatched within 24 hours. In most cases, you will have your order with 3-4 days after we send it.

    Q: How can I pay for my order?

    A: We accept payments by Western Union, MoneyGram, Walmart to Walmart, and Bitcoin.

    Our payment options are located here: https://depotorder.co/blog/posts/payment-methods-we-accept

    For a description of how to get set up to use Bitcoin, click here  https://depotorder.co/blog/posts/bitcoin

    Q: How will my order be packaged?

    A: All orders will be discreetly & carefully packaged with no reference to the contents in the package. Your email address will also not be on or inside the package.

    Q: Do I need to provide my real name for the shipping address?

    A: No, you do not need to provide your real name, but I would highly suggest using it unless you have some reason you can’t. The reason for this is that if the package is not delivered at your home for some reason, and you have to go to the post office to claim it, they will most likely want some ID to get it. Please know that no one can open your package with a valid search warrant. Not even the postal inspector. 

    Q: What type of mail do you use? Can I ship to a P.O. box?

    A: We ship all packages via the USPS  Yes…you can ship to a PO box. We don’t give our tracking #’s unless there is an issue like your order has taken longer then a week to arrive. This is for security reasons. Please don’t ask for the tracking # unless 1 week from the time you sent your payment has elapsed. 

    More info on shipping can be found here as well: https://depotorder.co/blog/posts/shipping

    Q: I made an order on the site, but i have not received any communication from you since then? is this normal? 

    A: Once you submit an order on the site, you should receive an auto email immediately stating the order and a note that we will be sending you a follow up email with payment information within 24 hrs. If you have not received this email then it is possible that our emails are being blocked by your SPAM filters. Please check your SPAM or junk folders for emails from [email protected]depotorder.co . If they are being blocked, you will need to add us to an allowed/safe senders list in your email application for future receipt. 

    If you still don’t see the email from us, then please send us a message and let us know what you ordered and when you ordered it? We can go in and resend the info from our end manually and make sure you receive it. You can email us at [email protected] or or [email protected] with your order number and an alternate email address that we can use in the future.


15 June 2016 Greg Smith
  • Bitcoin

    What is Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin is a new payment option that gives people more power and control over their finances. Bitcoin is a digital asset and a payment system. It is extremely inexpensive to send or accept transactions, and the currency’s anonymous nature eliminates the risk of identity theft, fraud, or ‘paper trails.’ 

    Simply put, Bitcoin has all the advantages of paying with an online interface like PayPal, but has the advantage of being able to anonymously send “money” anywhere, within minutes. The system is peer-to-peer and transactions take place between users directly. These transactions are verified by thousands to millions of network nodes, which receive a very small payment (usually a fraction of a cent) in exchange for facilitating the transaction.

    Since the system works without a central repository or single administrator, the U.S. Treasury categorizes Bitcoin as a decentralized virtual currency. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, and is the first decentralized digital currency. While there are many other cryptocurrencies out there, Bitcoin is the largest of its kind in terms of total market value.

    How do I get an account?

    The easiest way to create an account, or a “wallet” is by using Local Bit Coin (LBC) – https://localbitcoins.com/ 

    Creating an account on LBC will allow you to use their site to Buy, Sell, and Send Bitcoins with ease. On the top right you will see your balance, by clicking the balance it will show you your “Receive” address, which will look something like this – “1Gm4pN9FBtgtaftVJdVVyelBswaMztTZui” and give you the ability to “Send Bitcoins.”

    How do I load money into my wallet?

    There are many ways to get Bitcoins into your wallet, but we recommend sticking with https://localbitcoins.com/buy_bitcoins to purchase Bitcoins as they offer many ways to purchase Bitcoins, and have never let any of our customers down.

    Sellers have feedback ratings, and all provide different exchange rates. Some options on LBC are Cash Deposit, Money Gram, Gift Cards, Western Union, PayPal, and others, including cash in person.  Keep in mind, purchasing Bitcoins is not illegal at all (except in New York, where it is illegal to SELL BitCoins without a business license in NY to people that live in NY, although this is a hard law to enforce due to the anonymous nature of Bitcoin). Bitcoin has become so popular that many mainstream websites accept Bitcoin as a payment option. Many customers have found that meeting in person is the best way to stay anonymous during a Bitcoin Transaction, but there is nothing wrong with using any of the other methods offered on LBC, PayPal being one of the easiest.

    http://preev.com/ is a great site to find out what Bitcoins are currently going for. Preev acts as a public informational page displaying the current exchange rate from US currency to Bitcoin. Keep this site in mind when purchasing Bitcoins from various sellers as some sellers offer much better deals than other sellers do, just like money exchangers do in other countries. 

    Remember – you do not have to buy/send whole Bitcoins a coin at a time; you can buy almost any fraction of a Bitcoin that you want, and send almost any fraction as well.  For example, you can send 0.0004277 Bitcoin, which equates to about 25 cents, or 4.276 Bitcoin, which equals about $2500 US.

    Once you have your “Receive Address” generated, you can give that to someone that you wish to purchase Bitcoins from.  Many people use a new Receive Address for each transaction to add another layer of anonymity. It all goes into your main wallet on LBC, so we highly suggest this practice. 

    After purchasing the Bitcoins, LBC will act as escrow or a middle man and will wait until there are a few confirmations of the transaction, so the coins will not show instantly – we have seen some transactions take up to an hour to show in our wallet! If doing the transaction in person, do not let the person leave until you confirm that the Bitcoins are in your LBC wallet.

    Once you have completed the transaction, the Bitcoins will be in your LBC wallet, where you can then use them to make purchases by “Sending” Bitcoins. 

    Unlike PayPal, there isn’t a claims or refund process with Bitcoin, once the Bitcoins are sent, they are gone, so be sure to keep your log in credentials very secure. Scamming people out of their Bitcoins is big business as there is no recourse. Never give out your login info, and never send Bitcoins to anyone that you are not 100% sure is the correct recipient. 

    How do I use Bitcoins to pay Gear Depot?

    When you place an order with us, tell us that you want to pay via Bitcoin. We will provide you with a unique “Receive Address” and the amount of Bitcoins you should send, along with a timeframe that the Bitcoins must be sent in via the email you provided when placing your order.  It is very important to send the Bitcoins within the allotted time or your order may be automatically be cancelled. 

    The reason for needing to send the Bitcoins within a certain time frame is that the exchange rate can fluctuate quite a bit, even hour to hour – just like the stock market. For example, if someone placed an order for $580 worth of products, and the exchange rate is $580 per Bitcoin at the time of the order, we would request 1 Bitcoin, but if the person takes too long to send the payment, the rate could change drastically making that single Bitcoin worth far more, or far less than the $580 dollars they are trying to send us, shorting us or the buyer.

    If using a LBC account, click on your balance at the top right of the page. On the left of that page you will see “Send bitcoins” and below that it will give you your current wallet balance, “Your LocalBitcoins wallet balance: ___.______ BTC.” You will then see fields labeled “Receiving bitcoin address,” “Amount in bitcoins,” and “Your password.” 

    After hitting “Send from wallet” the transaction process will begin. You will see a message at the top of the screen reading “Success. Bitcoins sent successfully to address __________________________________.” Since it typically takes a few minutes for the Bitcoins to show in our wallet, you should email us as soon as you have sent the Bitcoins so we can expedite your order.

    If you have any other questions please go to https://depot-order.com/contact and send us a message. We strive to reply to all emails and orders within 24 hrs. If you don’t see a reply in that time, please check your spam box. Thank you!

Customer Feedback from 6/9 to 6/19

24 June 2015 Greg Smith
  • Customer Feedback from 6/9 to 6/19

    I have been ordering from gear depot for about 3 years now. I have placed around 10 orders in this time span. I am currently ordering for myself and 4 other people. The quality of Gears products is great which is why I have continued to use them. Everyone always ask what supplements I’m on and that’s when I tell them what I’m taking and where I’m getting it from and how they can get it also. I have been ordering oral and injection anabolics. It usually takes about a week to come in, sometimes even less time than that. All vials are bubble wrapped and carefully packaged. I have never in 3 years had any damaged products come in. The communication while ordering and any concerns about orders has been very good, fast and professional. I will continue to order from Gear Depot because the product is great and it’s hassle free to get it shipped directly to my home. I’m very happy with them and the business they are running and I would suggest to anyone that this is the place to get your anabolics and hgh products.

     M.B.  Coushatta, LA



    As a competitive Bodybuilder for over 25yrs now, dependable product quality,  assortment of product,  ensured delivery, speedy worry free domestic shipping,  simple communication and simple payment is all a guy can ask for. Walmart to Walmart is just brilliant,  I depend on Gear Depot for my off season and on season needs.   I have been using this site for just over a year, which was referred to me by another Bodybuilding brother who has been a customer for a few years as the referral who lead him to Gear Depot… Junior nationals as a Masters competitor is my next stop…..Thanks for dependable, consistent product in all categories…

    K.K.  Tswsas Vity, MI


     Let me start of saying Gear Depot one of the best legit companies!!! I get all my orders quick within a week not longer so far I placed 5 orders and I had no problems no delays. Gear Depot never leaves you hanging always respond to your questions over all communication is great.. The packaging of the product is good.  Very secure. So far I’ve been ordering test sustenon 500, trenbolone acitate 100 , dbal, winstrol also HGH grey tops the best you can find on the net. My result are great I gained 20 pounds with in a month the product is very potent and pure all my friends use Gear Depot I guess it explains the reason why I order from Gear Depot . Thank you for you service Gear Depot.

    A.A.  Bayonne, NJ



      Just placed my second order with GD. I received my 1st order 6 days after payment. Packaging was professional, looked like I ordered something from eBay. Products were bubble wrapped and snuggly fit inside box for maximum protection. Am currently running the Sus 250 and Tren Ace. Not my first rodeo and I can attest that the products are top notch.

    Love that shipment are from within USA. No customs bull. Speedy

    communication a big plus.  Just ordered the Tri-Blend mix. Can’t wait to try it out.


    EC Nanuet, Ny



    I have placed 15 orders over the last 5 years. In all my experience with gear-depot, I have had 1 package come in 7 days and rest been 6 days or better. I continue to order because I like the quality of the products so I have just recently ordered hgh. Any questions I have had have been responded to same day. The packaging is very discreet so there is no worries there. So go ahead and check it out and order, you will not be disappointed!  I’ll be ordering again in a few weeks!


    A.W. From Ohio



    I have been ordering from Gear-Depot, for about two years and I have to say, this is the number one place to order your anabolic from. I have placed 4 orders from Gear and every time I got my products in a bout week, from ordering. I am always satisfied with my products, the way it comes package (safe and secure), and when I need to get in contact with G, I get responses in about an hour of sending my message. I have been burnt before from sites calming there product was potent and when I received my anabolics, it was either fake or got beat for my money but not with Gear-Depot. I have order both anabolics and HGH and theses products are very potent and have seen all the results I wanted everytime. I had to thank my friend for turning me on to Gear. You can not go wrong with Gear-Depot. Trust me!

    JC  Vineland, New Jersey



     I have been very happy with how quickly I have received my orders, generally less than a week.  They always packing everything my orders well, and send them discretely.

    I have placed over 20 orders over the years, and have never had any issues.  I have ordered everything possible: Test, Deca, HGH, HCG, orals.  The gear is top notch.

    I always get quick responses via email. And, the new site has made it much easier to order. I would recommend Gear-depot to anyone who would ask.

     M.C.  Goshen, IN



    For years I have used one on-line sourceafter another when purchasing gear. There were always concerns about legitimacy,quality, price, delivery speed, customs and customer support.  Infrequently discovered an overseas sourcethat satisfied several categories, but deliveries required 3 to 5 weeks, customer support was slow and occasionally the package was sent to anincorrect address or was seized by the FDA.Research and word of mouth prompted me toplace a test order with Gear Depot. Their response was immediate andprofessional. The product arrived within the same week I placed the order andthe quality was excellent. Since then I placed numerous orders of HGHand Anabolics. The email communication is exceptionally responsive, the ordersarrived promptly and there has never been an issue with missing or brokenitems. Their quality and services are the best I encountered and the offer of free items with certain dollar purchases are an attractive bonus.  Of all the companies I used, this is the mostimpressive.  I will continue purchasingfrom them and unequivocally recommend them to others without any reservation.   

    PW Houston  Pinehurst, NC


Ordering from gear depot

13 January 2015 Greg Smith
  • Ordering from gear depot

    Ordering on the new website is easy. simply place the products you want in the shopping cart and then push submit. The site will let us know when an order has been placed and we will reply back to you via email with payment information. We accept western union, Money gram, and wlamart 2 walmart for payment. We will email you payment instructions at which time you will have 48 hrs to complete the payment. After you make the payment simply reply back to the email with the payment information and we will retrieve the payment and ship your order at once. We ask that you allow 8 days to receive your order. In most cases we are able to delivery your package within 3-5 days, but due to the nature of our business we ask for a cushion to allow us to ship the product safely. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. 

    If you feel more comfortable placing an order from us using the [email protected] email address as we have done in the past your welcome to simply email us your order as well. 

    Thank you, 

    Team gear depot

Josh L. / saizar products / July 15th 2014

21 July 2014 Greg Smith
  •  ———-Start Log——— 

    Name: Josh L

    Age: 22

    height: 6’3”

    weight: 215 lbs

    Background: Currently attending college

    Workout 5 days a week, 30 minutes stationary bike before workouts

    Products testing:

    SAIZER Test ent. 600mg/week

    SAIZER Deca 600mg/week

    Other products using concurrently:

    KAB Anadrol for 5 weeks

    Total length of time for testing: 12 weeks


    Product arrived in a very timely manner.  Packaging was discrete and secure.
    This is my first time using GearDepot.  I’ve read good things…and
    hoping this
    will be a good experience for me as well.  My primary goal is increased
    mass and strength.

    Lifting Routine:

    week 1 and 2 are 7, 5, 3 (reps)

    week 3 is 3 × 12

    week 4 is 7, 5, 3

    week 5 is 5 × 5

    week 6 and 7 are 3 × 12

    week 8 is 5 × 5

    week 9 is 3 × 12

    week 10 is 7, 5, 3

    week 11 and 12 are 5 × 5

    Diet 4000-4500 calories – all prepped

    Chicken,beef,rice,sweet potato,broccoli, asparagus, almonds/butter,egg
    whites,Banana, oatmeal

      WEEK 1

    First shots completed. 2cc’s of test ent and 2cc’s of deca (1 in each quad).

      WEEK 2

    7 days in all is well. I hit heavy upper and some pump leg work last
    night. I
    don’t attribute it to the test/deca yet(more like the 50mg of Adrol), 
    but my

    strength went up on all of my lifts. This is not unusual b/c whenever I
    incorporating heavy lifting  my strength always goes up fast.
    Experienced about
    a 20 pound increase on incline, and jumped on all lifts.
    Body weight has actually increased a little, which is a good thing.

      WEEK 3

    Start of third week…weight is 227.  Diet has shifted to a little higher
    carb/low fat approach on training days, and a low carb/higher fat
    approach on
    non training days.  My recovery has been outstanding!!!

      WEEK 4

    I did heavy upper today with lower volume/pump. I was shaky and/or felt
    weak throughout the workout b/c I didn’t eat enough carbs before the
    but every single lift on my upper exercises still increased by 10-15
    pounds from
    last week. The lower body portion today was just more of getting blood
    flow and
    a pump so weight is not relevant there….tomorrow it will be reversed. 
    I upped
    my water intake to about 2 gallons a day. I’m pissing all the time, but
    man I do
    feel better!!!

      WEEK 6

    HELLUVA workout today. This shit has officially kicked in and reared its
    Comments coming at the gym, and bros sayin shit like, do you realize how
    you’ve gotten? vascularity increases everyday, and of course all of my
    on heavy lower went up today.
    I knew it was a good day when I got into the gym, running on about ~70 total
    carbs (I consume the bulk of them intra and post) and I hadn’t even started

    lifting to get the blood flowing. A friend of mine who sees me every day
    commented how good I was looking, which he usually doesn’t until I am
    pumped. I
    usually think I look like shit, flat as a mutha until I get a pump. Not
    so needless to say, once the blood was flowing things started looking
    very nice.

     Officially of the Adrol now…so let’s see how much size I can hold. 
    I must
    say at this point in time…I’m extremely happy with the SAIZER line. 
    GD said
    it was GTG…and he wasn’t lying!!!

      WEEK 8

    Low carb blues yesterday and the scale didn’t budge but I sure as shit
    up. I love waking up every day to see changes. All my poundages
    increased again
    as usual.  I have mantained a great pace, and just need to realize I am
    at a
    good point for 8 weeks!!!

      WEEK 12

    Damn!!!  Still strong as a bull!!!  Body weight seems to have stabilized
    is probably due to diet more than anything).  Will definitely be ordering up
    some PCT gear from GD.  Worked too hard to let these gains go!!!


    As I mentioned earlier, this is my first experience with GD and his
    Needless to say…I am impressed!!!  I have used several different
    sponsors in

    the past, but GD is top of the food chain.
    It’s cliche….but you get what you pay for.  Considering GD is domestic
    and his
    gear is basically pharmaceutical grade…pricing is on point.  And I
    don’t mind
    paying a premium to get quailty product!!!

    ———end log——— 

Depot-order.com is the new Gear-depot site!

10 May 2013 Greg Smith
  • We are proud to unveil our new website! We at Geardepot are always trying to find new ways to improve on our business. while the gear-depot.com site served it purpose for the time being we were not blind to the fact it needed a facelift and some structural improvements. Depot-order.com will provide a shopping cart system for the customer to place items in their cart for purchase. We do not take credit cards or paypal. We are still accepting Western Union and Money gram as our forms of payment. We have taken the customers security and privacy into account as we developed the site. We ask that you be patient with us as this is out beta version and we may still have some minor kinks in the process. If you notice something incorrect we ask that you please bring it to our attention so we can lend it some attention. Please enjoy the site and the new expereince. Thanks!

    G & all of team gear-depot!