Josh L. / saizar products / July 15th 2014

21 July 2014 Greg Smith
  •  ———-Start Log——— 

    Name: Josh L

    Age: 22

    height: 6’3”

    weight: 215 lbs

    Background: Currently attending college

    Workout 5 days a week, 30 minutes stationary bike before workouts

    Products testing:

    SAIZER Test ent. 600mg/week

    SAIZER Deca 600mg/week

    Other products using concurrently:

    KAB Anadrol for 5 weeks

    Total length of time for testing: 12 weeks


    Product arrived in a very timely manner.  Packaging was discrete and secure.
    This is my first time using GearDepot.  I’ve read good things…and
    hoping this
    will be a good experience for me as well.  My primary goal is increased
    mass and strength.

    Lifting Routine:

    week 1 and 2 are 7, 5, 3 (reps)

    week 3 is 3 × 12

    week 4 is 7, 5, 3

    week 5 is 5 × 5

    week 6 and 7 are 3 × 12

    week 8 is 5 × 5

    week 9 is 3 × 12

    week 10 is 7, 5, 3

    week 11 and 12 are 5 × 5

    Diet 4000-4500 calories – all prepped

    Chicken,beef,rice,sweet potato,broccoli, asparagus, almonds/butter,egg
    whites,Banana, oatmeal

      WEEK 1

    First shots completed. 2cc’s of test ent and 2cc’s of deca (1 in each quad).

      WEEK 2

    7 days in all is well. I hit heavy upper and some pump leg work last
    night. I
    don’t attribute it to the test/deca yet(more like the 50mg of Adrol), 
    but my

    strength went up on all of my lifts. This is not unusual b/c whenever I
    incorporating heavy lifting  my strength always goes up fast.
    Experienced about
    a 20 pound increase on incline, and jumped on all lifts.
    Body weight has actually increased a little, which is a good thing.

      WEEK 3

    Start of third week…weight is 227.  Diet has shifted to a little higher
    carb/low fat approach on training days, and a low carb/higher fat
    approach on
    non training days.  My recovery has been outstanding!!!

      WEEK 4

    I did heavy upper today with lower volume/pump. I was shaky and/or felt
    weak throughout the workout b/c I didn’t eat enough carbs before the
    but every single lift on my upper exercises still increased by 10-15
    pounds from
    last week. The lower body portion today was just more of getting blood
    flow and
    a pump so weight is not relevant there….tomorrow it will be reversed. 
    I upped
    my water intake to about 2 gallons a day. I’m pissing all the time, but
    man I do
    feel better!!!

      WEEK 6

    HELLUVA workout today. This shit has officially kicked in and reared its
    Comments coming at the gym, and bros sayin shit like, do you realize how
    you’ve gotten? vascularity increases everyday, and of course all of my
    on heavy lower went up today.
    I knew it was a good day when I got into the gym, running on about ~70 total
    carbs (I consume the bulk of them intra and post) and I hadn’t even started

    lifting to get the blood flowing. A friend of mine who sees me every day
    commented how good I was looking, which he usually doesn’t until I am
    pumped. I
    usually think I look like shit, flat as a mutha until I get a pump. Not
    so needless to say, once the blood was flowing things started looking
    very nice.

     Officially of the Adrol now…so let’s see how much size I can hold. 
    I must
    say at this point in time…I’m extremely happy with the SAIZER line. 
    GD said
    it was GTG…and he wasn’t lying!!!

      WEEK 8

    Low carb blues yesterday and the scale didn’t budge but I sure as shit
    up. I love waking up every day to see changes. All my poundages
    increased again
    as usual.  I have mantained a great pace, and just need to realize I am
    at a
    good point for 8 weeks!!!

      WEEK 12

    Damn!!!  Still strong as a bull!!!  Body weight seems to have stabilized
    is probably due to diet more than anything).  Will definitely be ordering up
    some PCT gear from GD.  Worked too hard to let these gains go!!!


    As I mentioned earlier, this is my first experience with GD and his
    Needless to say…I am impressed!!!  I have used several different
    sponsors in

    the past, but GD is top of the food chain.
    It’s cliche….but you get what you pay for.  Considering GD is domestic
    and his
    gear is basically pharmaceutical grade…pricing is on point.  And I
    don’t mind
    paying a premium to get quailty product!!!

    ———end log——— 

Robert V. / Saizar products / June 12th, 2014

21 July 2014 Greg Smith

  • ———-Start Log———

    Name: Robert V

    Age: 55

    height: 5’9”

    weight: 198 lbs

    Background:  Retired Army

    Workout 4 days a week, 30 minutes biking 3 days a week.

    Products testing

     SAIZER Test cyp. 600mg/week

    Other products using concurrently:

     RIPTROPIN HGH kit 5iu 7 days/week

    Total length of time for testing: 12 weeks

     Pre Notes:

    I received the product last week. I have to say I am very impressed with the

    presentation of this SAIZER line.  This SAIZER line looks as
    professional as any

    product I’ve ever used.  I will be injecting 2cc’s a week for 12 weeks.  In

    reality…along with the GH, this will probably be my HRT from here on
    out.  My

    primary goal is increased muscle mass and libido.  I  maintain a
    strict diet

    through the week (with Sunday being a cheat day).  I have been off all
    AAS for

    over a year.  I have been using the GH protocol above for about 6 months

    My baseline test levels are low right now, and that’s why I’m adding in
    test at

    this point.  Hoping I will get a synergistic effect from the combination
    of test

    and GH.

      WEEK 1

    First shots, nothing to crazy to report

      WEEK 2

    I don’t know if its just coincidence or not but I had a really bad day
    yet my

    energy level seemed better and I seemed more stimulated. When I say
    stimulated I

    mean it felt as if my dopamine levels were raised. I don’t know if its a

    combination of the GH and Test that  have any influence on dopamine

    but that is what it felt like today.

     I looked more full and pumped than normal.  Also, while I don’t have any

    strength gains yet, the weight did feel a bit lighter today(not sure if that

    makes sense).  In other words, my endpoint was the same, but I didn’t
    feel like

    I was doing as much work to get there.

      WEEK 3

    Start of third week…weight is 212.  BF has dropped slightly.  Felt more

    strength about half way through this week.

      WEEK 4

    I had my  blood work a few days ago, & my Test levels were above 1500 ng/dl

    I am feeling great right now.  I also look tighter, have a couple

    abs still, and some serious veins in my arms and delts.

      WEEK 6

    Half way through.  My body is full all the time.  Rep range is 15-20 on

    everything.  I’ve noticed great pumps and endurance at these reps.

    up and midsection fat down.

      WEEK 8

    Weighed in at 219 start of 8th week.  Starting to feel like I’ve hit the

    Feel asleep twice today after having meals, this has been happening to me

    lately, i dont know why but everytime i seem to eat lately i become very

    for about an hour and wanna take a nap.  Have had good workouts all week

     Overall…feel pretty good.

      WEEK 12

    Start of 12th week, body weight is 221lbs.  That’s a 23lb gain, which is

    excellent for me, considering the low dose of Test I was on. Libidio is

    good…and that is always a plus!!!  I may do a litttle PCT…I’m not
    sure yet.

     Since I will continue with this protocol for good, may not be a need
    for PCT.

    Time will tell.


    Overall I am a fan of this sazair line. This is definitely a pharmaceutical

    grade product!!!  I have used GearDepot for my supplies on and off now for

    several years. Still impressed with their customer service and T/A’s!!!

    ———end log———

kevin H / Saizar Products / June 15 2014

21 July 2014 Greg Smith
  • ———-Start Log———

    Name: kevin H

    Age: 36

    height: 6’1”

    weight: 255 lbs


    -competitive bber with 6 competitions to credit.

    Products testing

    -sazair Test cyp. 600mg/week

    -sazair Deca 600mg/week

    Other products using concurrently:

    -Kaballero nolvadex 1-2 tabs/day

    -Blue top HGH kit 5iu 5 days/week

    Total length of time for testing: 12 weeks

    Pre Notes:

    I have received the products last week. I have to say I am very
    impressed with the presentation of this Saizar line. G told me these
    would be some of the best products I would use but I didn’t realize they
    would look so professional!? Each vial was shrink wrapped and looked
    like it was right out of the local compounding pharmacy ( lol I suppose
    it probably is).. I will be injecting the products 2x a week. 1 shot of
    each. I have been off AAS except for some Anavar and 2-3 iu of HG for
    the past 4 months. My baseline test levels are low right now becasue I have
    been trying to clean myself out and get a clear baseline for this
    testing. I train 3-5 days per week, one BP per week. My diet is not
    great, but I have a very fast metabolism and can really tear through fat

    easily. I stay in single digit bf% year round not having to do much
    cardio at all.

    Week #1

    My First shots completed.

    Small increased libido, but nothing crazy.

    There was no pain with this injections at all, it goes in smooth as silk.

    Anxiously waiting!~

    Week #2

    Definatlly feeling the test kicking in. I am a raging bull with my GF
    right now. She loves this gear as much as i do!

    Week #4

    My weight is up 9 lbs right now. For me that is a lot of weight to gain.
    I am sure its some water retention but I am naturally an ecto so i will
    take weight gain in any for I can get

    Week #6

    I had my Testosterone levels checked last week, I just got back the
    results this afternoon and they were at 1500! My Doctor knows what I am
    using. I have been going to him since I was in college and he monitors
    me when I cycle on.

    Week #8

    My body/muscles are full all the time.

    My workouts are going great.

    I am sad this experiment is coming to and end but I am going to milk
    every pound out of this I can.

    I am injecting all over my body and I have not had any of the injections
    knot up on me or cause me any level of noticeable pain.

    Week #10

    I am up 12 lbs now. I have noticed very little water retention from this
    cycle. When i look at my physique I feel very dry although I have not
    been careful to eat clean, I ‘look’ like i have been eating very clean.

    I am surprised because I usually put on a lot of water weight when I use
    deca and by the looks of me now I feel and look dry.

    Week #12

    Last injections were done last night. G and the fellows at GD have been
    nice enuf to send me some gear for my pct so I can keep these fantastic

    As I sit now i am up 15 lbs.
    I am NOT one of those guys who can put on 20 lbs from a cycle, so me
    getting 15 lbs of solid
    mass is something I am just ecstatic about!
    I will test me blood again tomorrow and post reviews to log.

    End of cycle wrap up / comments:

    Overall I am a fan of this Saizar line. Considering your getting a
    pharmaceutical product and its being delivered domestic I believe the
    price point is actually cheap.

    I noticed as I was tearing through the vials and opening them up through
    out the cycle, the shrink wrap on the outside of each of them was damn
    hard to get into. I guess these guys dont want anyone fucking with the
    bottles before it gets to the customer. I would feel safe saying that
    the last person that saw each one of my vials was the Saizar rep who
    packed them .. I am one of those guys who like gear that I know is
    real. I have been ripped off more times then I can count on my hands and
    feet buying gear that I thought was going to be good, but come to find
    out it was cheap in price for a reason, it was garbage. I apprecaite the
    oppurtunity to test these products out.
    I gained 15lbs on this cycle. I did not surpass 600mg of test or Deca on
    this cycle per week. I have been using AAS for several years on and off,
    so I would say I am experienced in it.

    ———end log———