20 January 2015 Greg Smith
  • Shipping

    We use discrete methods to ship our products. We ask that you don’t inquire to much about how we do this as there is some sensitive information that we have to protect. Here is what we can tell you. We ship everything from within the USA. Nothing goes thru customs so you don’t have to worry about getting your pack seized. 

    We have a 1 week t/a after you have paid for your order. 

    We don’t supply tracking #‘s, unless the order is late or there is some issues. The reason for this is simply security. 

    We ship in discrete small packages that will fit in most mail boxes. If you don’t see your order all in one pack then please relax chances are there is another pack that is going to be delved the next day with the rest of the order in it. 

    We ship thru the post service. We are not able to overnight or expedite orders for any reason so please don’t ask. 

    If you get a note on your door to collect your package at the post office chances are they could not fit it in your box, or there was some other issues. We have never  had a controlled delivery on any of our packages so please don’t stress if you see one of these “sorry we missed you” notes form he post office asking for you to come pick it up at the nearest post office. Just go in and collect it. 

    We ship orders from several parts of the country.

    We ship orders 5-6 days a week. 

    remember, the post service observes all of the national bank holidays, so if your pack is delayed please be understanding of this fact. 

    thank you! if you have any other questions regarding shipping issues, please feel free to ask.