Brand Details

Our Human Growth Hormone products are the best you can find on the net. As many people know, there are many fake HGH products coming out of China right now. Some are very under-dosed, some contain 192 Amino Acids (should be 191AA), some don’t contain any HGH at all. Some of our testing has shown HCG being labeled as HGH.

This is why lab testing is so important to us. We spend the time and money to thoroughly test the HGH we list on the site. We continue to randomly test it as well. We actively challenge everyone who buys HGH from us to have your blood drawn and get the IGF testing done so you know what your taking is real. HGH is an expensive product and it seems logical to spend $100 to test your blood after an injection to give you peace of mind that what your taking is real and effective. If you want info on how to get these test done please email me and I will show you.

We take a great amount of pride in the HGH products we list on the site. I am contacted weekly by HGH sources wanting to sell to us. The majority of them are selling garbage. we spend more time and money then any other source testing the HGH products we carry, so rest assured the products you order from us are 100% authentic, sterile, and very potent.