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Gear Depot is proud to announce the addition of Saizar Labs: The finest pharmaceutical lab specializing in hormone compounding. Saizar Labs is an independent fine chemical company known for its stellar quality and long standing reputation for purity in their products. We feel confident you will find Saizar Labs and their product line 2nd to none. As we tested this product line we were impressed by the analysis provided by this company on every raw hormone they used to create their finished products. When we asked for an analysis of each product it was given to us within 24 hrs. They let us know that each new batch of raw product is tested 2 times before its brought into the clean room. This eliminates any issue of under dosed or ineffective finished products. Saizer Labs has been producing fine chemicals since 1984! You can find more info on Saizar Labs and their background at their website:

We are proud to bring Saizar Labs products to our line of trusted products here at Gear Depot!