Brand Details

The Kaballero brand was originally formulated by a chemist In southern California. He worked closely with BALCO labs and Victor Conte before their collapse in 2004. These guys were light years ahead of everyone else in this space, but unfortunately their demise came swiftly. Fortunately the chemist was not roped into the BALCO’s downfall & we were able to work closely with him on Kaballero Labs. From the very beginning they have been transparent with us throughout the manufacturing process. We test these products at random and continue to monitor the process with close help from an independent lab we use for testing.

The line of tablets were added to Kaballero shortly after getting the inject line off the ground. The tablets are formulated for bodybuilders and athletes in mind, hence the larger mg/tablet. These tablets are slightly over-dosed to ensure every one has at least the label claim of potency. Each package has at least 2-5 extra tablets in it as well. This is to ensure you receive the listed quantity of tablets as some can break or chip in shipping. We invite you to try this brand of tablets, and see the reason Kaballero products are top of their class.