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After 12 years selling on this site, we can say with certainty we are working with 2 of the best companies producing steroids right now. Kaballero and Saizar. You can see specific information on each of them by clicking here

Kaballero injects
Kaballero tablets

We have put an enormous amount of effort into inspecting, testing and retesting the products in each of these brands. We do this so our customers don’t have to worry about their products being effective. In the last 7 years we’ve dedicated ourselves to offering the best product line, no questions asked. Unlike many other suppliers we choose to only carry 2 product lines. The reason for this is the direct oversight we are granted into the Kaballero and Saizar manufacturing process. Both labs allow us to test samples of the ram materials before product, and inspect the manufacturing process. With this we are able to guarantee the effectiveness of our products and but our name behind them.

If you have not used the Kaballero or Saizar lines I would encourage you to place a small order and test them out. We stand behind the products 100%.