Kaballero tablets
Dianabol 50mg 100ct. SALE


Dianabol 50mg 100ct. SALE

Kaballero dbol 100ct bags.
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Dianabol is methylated at carbon 17-alpha on its structure (this is simply the addition of a methyl group at the 17th carbon). This process, known as C17-Alpha Alkylation, allows the anabolic steroid to be administered orally and still have a measurably strong effect on the body.  Dianabol, known by its scientific and chemical name as Methandrostenolone (and/or Methandienone), is the most popular and widely utilized anabolic steroid by bodybuilders and athletes today. It gained its popularity in the late 1950s and throughout the “Golden Era of Bodybuilding” of the 1960s and 1970s. Methandrostenolone was introduced to the pharmaceutical and medical community by Dr. John Ziegler in the mid-1950s as an American response to the Soviet use of Testosterone in their Olympic athletes. Dr. Ziegler and his team created Methandrostenolone as a result, which was then introduced to the prescription market under the trade name of Dianabol by the Ciba pharmaceutical company. It was the first orally active anabolic steroid to be synthesized and sold on the prescription market.

D-bol is used by bodybuilders in doses from 25-100mg per day.

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